9 Benefits of Tadasana and Tadasana Steps!

If you are a beginner, then it will be helpful for you to know the Tadasana yoga benefits, and to understand tadasana steps to practise it correctly. 

What is Tadasana?

Tadasana is also known as the Mountain Pose because when you practise tadasana steps your body looks similar to a triangle. If you will practise Tadasana yoga asanas every day, this will make an enormous difference.

Once you start practising tadasana steps, doing this asana would not be a challenge for you. Now, let’s understand what is tadasana yoga asana? Also, tadasana benefits because when you know the benefits of a yoga pose or exercise that encourage you to do more and be regular at what you have started. 

The word Tadasana yoga asana derived from the Sanskrit language, ‘Tada’ means ‘mountain and ‘asana’ means ‘pose.’ People with rounded backs and weak back muscles should definitely practise tadasana yoga asana because Tadasana benefits you back muscles and helps to strengthen the back muscles. 

Tadasana yoga asana is suggested to children because Tadasana benefits children to grow taller and also improve the wrong posture. 

9 Tadasana Benefits:

1. Correct posture: There are people who often slouch or hunch that if you are doing this for a photoshoot it’s fine, but if you are doing this on a regular basis because of a bad posture it is not ok. You will practise tadasana steps this will benefit your back and improve your posture. You will notice after the while you are standing in a correct posture. Tadasana benefits people who are suffering from some back pain.

2. Help to increase height: Tadasana benefits in gaining some extra inches, yes if you practise tadasana steps every day without being lazy. In order to achieve tadasana benefits, you just have to practise tadasana steps along with your children. 

3. Expand Mental Awareness: Yoga asanas not only leave a positive impact on your physical health, but your mind as well. Practising Tadasana steps daily can help you expand your mental awareness and to connect to your deeper consciousness. After practising tadasana steps you will notice that you feel more calm, composed and alert.

4. Improves Breathing: If you practise Tadasana steps every day, this will help to open up your lungs. Tadasana benefits breathing deeply and it’s also helpful to clean your lungs. Tadasana yoga asana is an effective yoga pose for people who are facing breathing problems. 

5. Helps to reduce weight: If a person practises tadasana steps, this will help them get rid of that excess fat. In case, you want to lose excess fat and finding it difficult to do so start with tadasana steps every day and you will burn calories faster because tadasana benefits also include an increase in metabolism.

6. You will feel energetic: One of the tadasana benefits also includes boosting energy levels. If you get exhausted too easily, then practising tadasana steps can be really helpful to feel rejuvenated.

7. Beat depression and moods: Tadasana benefits people who are going through depression and help to strengthen their nervous system. Tadasana yoga asana also helps to improve memory and helps to focus without getting distracted easily. 

8. Help to cure sciatica problem: People who are suffering from sciatica nerve pain and looking for a natural way to get rid of sciatica pain then practising tadasana yoga asana is a good idea. Practising Tadasana steps can help you get rid of the sciatica pain. But it is important to first consult your doctor, and only then practise this asana to prevent any complications. If your doctor allows you to go for it, then you are good to go. 

8 Tadasana Steps to Practise it Correctly: 

  1. Stand straight on the yoga mat and place your feet slightly apart. 
  2. Keep your hands alongside your body. 
  3. While you slowly raise your arms upwards you need to interlock your fingers while inhaling deeply.
  4. While you are standing on your toes, slowly raise your heels. 
  5. You need to look up while stretching your body. 
  1. You need to stretch out your shoulders, chest up and arms and your body weight should on your toes. 
  2. You need to hold this asana for some time. 
  3. Then you need to come back to starting the position while exhaling deeply. 

Precautions you need to know: 

1.  You should not practise tadasana steps if you do not know the correct tadasana steps. Before you practise this asana, make sure you know the correct way of practising tadasana yoga asana or do under the guidance of a yoga expert. 

2.  Do not practise tadasana steps if you are suffering from insomnia. 

3.  If you experience a headache while practising tadasana yoga asana stop doing it. 

4.  If you are taking any blood-thinning medicines, then avoid or consult your doctor before practising tadasana yoga asana.  

5.  Do not practise tadasana steps if you are suffering from low blood pressure problem. 

All the above tadasana steps and benefits, including the precaution related to tadasana yoga asana, can benefit you tremendously if you do it correctly.

Just make sure that if you are a beginner or suffering from a certain health issue, it is best to consult a yoga expert and your doctor before you practise this asana.

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