Food Alternatives To Improve Heart Health!

Today we will discuss some of the healthy food alternatives to improve heart health. These foods will help to maintain heart health and provide various other benefits that will also improve overall health. 

 Let’s explore various options that are great for your heart and you can start these food alternatives from today, nothing complex.

Food Alternatives to Improve Heart Health:

1.  Vegetable oils:

Foods that are high in saturated fats can increase bad cholesterol levels, which is not good for your heart health. Bad cholesterol levels can lead to various heart-related problems and to avoid this you can use vegetable oil to prepare your meals. You should use oil that is full of healthy fats and unsaturated fats. This will not promote bad cholesterol levels and prevent you from various heart problems. 

2.      Whole wheat grains:

  Having food that is low in fibre like fine flour can cause heart-related problems, spike blood pressure levels and increase your bad cholesterol levels. Having whole heat grain come with benefits like such high fibre food helps to prevent overeating, lower blood sugar level, prevent bad cholesterol levels, stroke and heart-related problems.   

3. Seasonal fruits:

Instead of having ice-creams you can have seasonal fruits like right now we are enjoying mangoes you can also prepare delicious mango smoothies (no sugar) at home and enjoy those smoothies in between meals when you feel hungry. You can also serve such seasonal fruits smoothies to guests or your kids to have the benefits of fruits especially if you kid do not like fruits. You can have delicious homemade smoothies or shakes made with love and seasonal fruits to get the benefits of fruits without having tons of sugar. Fruits are also a great source of natural sugar that will not cause any side effects. Yes, if you are diabetic, you need to keep a check on your fruit intake.  

4. Nuts: 

Yes, instead of having those packet chips, it is best to have a handful of nuts during the evening snack time or if you feel hungry in between meals. Do not overeat nuts, especially in summers; having nuts in moderation is the key. You do not have to eat too much, you just need to have nuts in an adequate quantity and you will get the benefits. Having packed chips and snacks can increase your cholesterol levels, spike your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is best to not consume such foods. 

 Things You Should Avoid To Food Your Heart Health:

1. Avoid excess salt: Yes, having excess salt can lead to high blood pressure problems, and it can also spike your cholesterol level and the risk of stroke. 

2. Excess sugar:  Obviously, after reading the entire blog you are well aware of the problems that can cause side effects to your body and brain. 

3. Avoid package foods: Packaged foods are filled with trans fats, excess sugar or salt that can take a step back to your health. Especially diabetic and heart patients should avoid such packed foods. 

Avoiding these foods will help to avoid various health problems, and keep you healthy and fit. You can some things occasionally but not too often.

 Also, make sure you follow the foods alternatives we mentioned in the above points to keep your heart health and overall health. It is not rocket science; you can make smalls-small effective changes to keep your heart healthy.

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