What Are The Side-Effects Of Sugar On The Body?

sugar effects on body

If you are exercising daily but treating yourself with all the sugary stuff without putting any limitations, then this will lead to negative effects of sugar on your body. 

People who consume too much sugar and do not exercise at all are more prone to gain weight. 

Sugary drinks and foods not only increase weight but also cause various side effects. 

There are some effects of sugar on your brain that many people do not know. Therefore, it is good to not overdose your system with sugar and have it in moderation. If you really do not know the negative effect of sugar on your body, do not worry because today we will discuss the negative effect of sugar on your body and the effect of sugar on your brain. 

We will also discuss some of the ways to reduce the excessive consumption of sugar. 

If you are someone who is consuming more sugar than the required amount, then this will lead to some negative effects of sugar on your body. And, you feel like having desserts or something sweet after every meal. You will have more sugar to stop the craving for sugar and that is how health problems build up like dementia and diabetes. 

Then, the effects of sugar on your brain also start doing the work in a slow steady manner. When the excess sugar enters your bloodstream, this can be harmful to your brain cells. 

When you are consuming excess sugar, you are making your body used to an unhealthy cycle which will eventually lead to various health problems starting with weight gain. 

India ranks on top when it comes to diabetes, and therefore it is more important for people to understand the regulations on their sugar intake. 

The Importance of Insulin Resistance:

Insulin is connected to your healthcare and problems like abnormal bloodstream and blood sugar levels. 

One of the major side-effects of sugar on your body is high blood sugar levels in your bloodstream. When this happens insulin hormones pull more sugar from your bloodstream than required to provide energy to your muscles and attempt to store more sugar than necessary in your cells. 

What happens next? Your cells protect themselves from excess sugar and to do so they become insulin resistant. 

Then the pancreas (releases insulin) will produce more insulin that leads to further complications. 

Effect of Sugar on Your Brain:

Our body needs sugar to convert into sugar glucose that is used as a primary source of energy for our system. And, like other organs, even our brain requires energy, but our brain cells cannot transform sugar. Therefore, your brain cells rely on the bloodstream to absorb sugar. 

A high level of sugar means your brain will drown in sugar because your brain cannot convert sugar into glucose and this will cause brain cells damage. Lack of energy will result in brain damage, hence the negative effect of sugar on your brain. 

How to Stop the Excess Consumption of Sugar? 

The following tips will help to reduce sugar intake and we will also share some of the ways that will help you stay fit and physically active.

1.  Do not consume sugary drinks and shakes because you might find them healthy, but there is so much hidden sugar that you consume in the form of liquid and gain so many calories. 

2.  It is better to prepare shakes and smoothies at home with seasonal fruits and do not use sugar.

3.  Ever seen that idea ad? Walking and talking, sir Ji? Use that strategy and walk to burn those extra calories or to keep yourself active. 

4.  You can also ride a cycle instead of taking your car or scooty to buy groceries or to finish small work outside. 

5.  Instead of eating full chocolate, try having a small cube. Do not eat the entire chocolate in one go. 

6.  Also, you can use some alternatives of sugar like coconut sugar, dates, stevia and sugar-free. 

7.  You can have fruit that does not spike your blood sugar level and help to maintain a normal blood sugar level. 

8.  Try to involve in activities and habits that make you happy and stress-free. Too much stress is not good for your system. 

Try to follow eating habits that are sustainable because you want to continue your habits for a long period, and that can only happen if you do not follow uncertain and mindless diet plans.

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