How Navasana Yoga Aids Digestion Problem? – Steps & Benefits of Navasana Yoga Pose

navasna ypga pose

If you will notice most of us, even at a very young age or teenage age, have belly fat and problems like indigestion, irregular bowel movements and constipation problem. At a young age, if you are carrying excess fat, especially in your belly area, that is not a good sign. 

Having belly fat is a sign of slow metabolism and especially young students and teenagers who want to study and want to perform well in their academics. This belly can slow down the process of learning as well, and it is a hindrance for students. 

So, today we have come up with a simple but effective yoga asana name as Navasana yoga pose. Today we will discuss some of the amazing benefits of Navasana yoga pose and steps. You should know how to practise Navasana steps correctly to avoid injuries and to gain maximum benefits.

Follow These Navasana Steps

Before starting with Navasana steps, you need to understand that the place you select to do yoga should be quiet; this will help you feel relaxed. When you practise Navasana yoga pose, your body looks like the shape of a boat. 

You need to maintain a balance between your upper body and legs with the support of your tailbone. If it is becoming difficult for you to understand, do not worry, we will explain to you everything step by step. 

  1. In the first Navasana steps, you need to lie down on a yoga mat on your back, keep your arms on the sides and your feet should be together. 
  2. Then in the second Navasana steps, you need to stretch your hands and fingers towards your legs and make sure your arms are straight. 
  3. Third Navasana steps, make sure you are breathing normally and then you need to lift your chest and legs together while exhaling. Make sure your arms and legs are stretched and straight. 
  4. Fourth Navasana steps, while doing the above step you will feel the contraction in your abdominal muscles and tension. 
  5. Fifth Navasana steps, you need to maintain a balance between your upper body and legs and you will feel pressure on your buttocks. Make sure your hands and legs are stretched and straight while practising this Navasana yoga pose. Sixth Navasana steps, try to maintain this pose for at least 10 to 30 seconds and you need to hold your breath while holding this pose for this long.  
  6. Seventh Navasana steps to come back to the starting position. You need to exhale deeply and slowly bring down your legs and back, just like you feel comfortable. 
  7. You can repeat Navasana steps for two to three times but do not overdo these steps. 

Avoid Navasana Yoga Pose in case:

  1. If you are suffering from a neck injury, avoid Navasana yoga pose
  2. If you are suffering from a stomach injury or problem, do not practise Navasana yoga pose.
  3. If you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, do not practise Navasana yoga pose. 
  4. If you are suffering from a breathing problem like asthma, do not practise Navasana yoga pose. 
  5. If you are pregnant, avoid Navasana yoga pose

Benefits of Navasana: 

You need to understand the benefits of Navasana yoga pose because this will encourage you to remain active and positive throughout the yoga practise. When you know the benefits you think about those benefits while practising these yoga poses and this is good to remain consistent.

  1. Navasana yoga pose helps to cure back pain and increase your abdominal strength. 
  2. Navasana yoga pose helps to increase your core strength. 
  3. It helps you feel active throughout the day.
  4. Navasana yoga pose help to treat back pain problem. 
  5. Navasana yoga pose helps to improve your posture. 
  6. It helps to treat problems related to digestion and build the digestive fire because if your digestive fire is strong your digestive system will work properly and this will prevent you from many health problems. 

Try to be focused, while practising Navasana yoga pose, forget about your tension and all sorts of work you need to do, just focus on the yoga pose. In the starting, you might not able to feel so relaxed or focused, but this is also a process and it will take time so, even if you are not fully focused, let it be, you will with awareness and practise. 

If you are feeling pain in the back, knees, then you can do Navasana steps, with knees bent. And you can take some support from the ground by using your fingertips. Just make sure your back is straight. You can also practise kapalbhati to feel more rejuvenated. 

Note: Always consult your doctor in case you are suffering from back, or knee injuries and only then practise Navasana yoga pose.

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