What are the Vajrasana benefits? Vajrasana Steps and precautions you must know!


Yoga is one the most amazing way to balance your physical and mental well-being. Once you know how to practice yoga asana you do not have to depend upon somebody else and you can practice yoga anywhere without needing any types of equipment or machines. 

Yoga is known to be as one of the most traditional ways to find peace with all the imbalances present in our body. Yoga is one of the most simple, inexpensive and effective ways to be fit and healthy. 

The reason, that yoga is one of the most effective and popular ways of staying fit, and healthy because it comes easy. Once you start with simple yoga poses, you will get used to it and the benefits of it and after a while, you would also be able to practice some of the complex and intense yoga poses to achieve more strength and flexibility. 

The reason that yoga, as one the most age-old practices to keep your overall system fit, healthy and peaceful is popular all over the world is because of yoga focuses on your own body and mind to bring a certain level of balance and health, without using any external tools. 

Talking of yoga, we would like to share the Vajrasana benefits , Vajrasana Steps, vajrasana precautions and what is the correct way of vajrasana to practice it with ease to gain maximum benefits of vajrasana. 

13 Vajrasana Benefits

  1. The benefits of vajrasana are that it helps to stabilize your mind and calms your mind. 
  2. Vajrasana benefits you by increasing the process of digestion, which cures acidity and a problem like constipation.
  3. People who are suffering from constipation or ingestion should practice this asana after having their meal. 
  4. Vajrasana also helps to relieve back pain problem. 
  5. This asana helps to get rid of stomach disorder.
  6. This asana also helps to stomach disorder. 
  7. Vajrasana helps to cure urinary problems. 
  8. This asana helps to increase the blood circulation in your body. 
  9. This asana helps to strengthen sexual organs. 
  10. Vajrasana is also preferred while meditation or concentration. 
  11. This asana helps to reduce obesity. 
  12. This asana helps to increase your muscles strength. 
  13. This asana helps to relieve arthritis pain.  

If you want to gain all these benefits of vajrasana, then you must practice this for 15 to 20 minutes after having your dinner or lunch. You can also practice vajrasana during meditation. You can also practice vajrasana before having your meals. 

Vajrasana helps to stimulate your Vajra Nadi, this means that vajrasana helps to improve digestion. Vajrasana also helps to provide relief from sciatica, indigestion and nerve issues. 

“When you sit in vajrasana you obstruct blood flow to the lower part of your body – thighs and legs. This increases blood flow to your pelvic area and stomach due to which bowel movement and digestion becomes better. It aids liver functions as well.”

Vajrasana Steps & Vajrasana Precautions

Though, “Vajrasana steps” are some of the simplest steps to follow. But this can be a hard task for the one who is overweight.

– First, you need to fold your legs and sit on the floor. 

– Then you need to close your eyes and do not bend your spine, keep it straight. 

– Then start with inhaling slowly and then exhale. 

– While practising vajrasana it is good to think positive and feel like you are exhaling all the disorders from your system.

– You need to repeat these vajrasana steps for at least 5 minutes (minimum) and 15 minutes (maximum)

Why Vajrasana is Really Good for You?

This is because vajrasana is the only yoga pose that can be practised right after having your meal. This asana is a part of the Japanese tea ceremony where they sit in vajrasana. If you practise this asana daily after your meal this will help to facilitate nutrient absorption in your body and relieve constipation. 

Not only the stomach but vajrasana is amazing for uterus and liver as well. As per Expert, “It is a pose that comes when you kneel and sit on your knees, bringing your hips on your heels. The asana gives your quadriceps a nice stretch.” 

It is important to avoid vajrasana if you are suffering from any knee or joint injury. Also, you must first consult an expert if you are suffering from such injury and only then practise this vajrasana.

Vajrasana is a really good yoga pose if you want to work on your digestive system and to meditate. Though this asana is really easy for some people. But people who do not have a history of practising yoga exercises or people who are overweight will find it difficult to sustain in vajrasana pose. 

Vajrasana is also known as diamond pose, and to gain the “benefits of vajrasana” it is good to practice this asana regularly.

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