Crow Pose (Bakasana) – Amazing Benefits of Bakasana

This is one of the best yoga asanas that require arm balancing and this is amazing to strengthen your overall arm muscles including your shoulders. Once you know how to balance and distribute your weight evenly by understanding your centre of gravity, you will be able to do this bakasana. Bakasana benefits your overall health, especially your arms and shoulders.

The difficult part of practising bakasana is to shift and hold your weight in while moving it in the forward direction. So, today we will discuss bakasana benefits, steps, and precautions related to this asana.

Amazing Benefits of Bakasana:

1. Bakasana (crow pose) is amazing to strengthen your abdomen muscles, wrist, forearms.

2. Bakasana is also helpful to strengthen your core muscles.

3. Bakasana is helpful to improve your body balance. 

4. Once you master bakasana, you will gain this much strength that you can do other arms-related exercises.

5. Bakasana benefits you to improve your awareness related to body space and body control.

Follow These Steps of Bakasana:

1. First Bakasana step is to bend your knees and keep your palms flat on the floor. Your palms should be apart from each other at a shoulder distance.

2. Second step is to stabilize your palms in front of your feet. Also, you need to bend the elbows straight and backwards and make sure you do not bend into full chaturanga arms.

3. Then in the third bakasana step, you need to open your knees, and come up onto the balls of your feet. Your knees should line up with your upper arms and you need to place your knees on the backside of your upper arms. 

4. Fifth bakasana step is to bring your body weight forward with the help of your arm strength. While doing this, you need to lift your head. 

5. In the sixth bakasana step you need to come up onto the tiptoes so that you can lift one foot while the other foot is off the floor. 

6. In the seventh steps you need to take the support of your inner thighs to place your knees on the arms. 

7. Try to focus on lifting your body and avoid holding your weight with the help of your shoulders. 

8. At last, you need to exhale and then come back to the starting position. 

Do Not Do These Mistakes:

1.      Make sure elbows are in line and do not splay out to one side. To check your elbows positioning it is best to keep them in line with your wrists and shoulders. Putting excess weight outside of the wrists can lead to injuries. 

2.      When you are lifting your body weight with the help of your arms, make sure your knees are high and your legs are not resting on your arms. 

3.      Instead of relying on your hips, it is better to rely on your core strength to hold your legs.

4.      While practising this asana do not drop your head or look in the downward direction because this may lead to imbalance and injury. 

If you are a beginner, it is best to add some modifications and preparatory yoga asanas before you practice this asana. And, when you are prepared, do it under the guidance of a yoga expert. 

Also, it is best to first start with yoga asanas and exercises that help to strengthen your arm’s muscles and then practice this yoga asana. This will also help you avoid injuries. 

If you are suffering from some injuries in your arms it is better to not practice until you are completely fine. 

Also, women who are pregnant should not practice this asana. As per traditional beliefs, people with insomnia problems should not practise this asana.

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