These 3 Amazing Yoga Asana Reduce Neck Pain


Nowadays, when people are doing work, the chances of developing neck pain are also increasing because most people are not using tables and chairs for work that is appropriate for their neck and back posture, which can lead to neck pain. 

People are spending hours on their cell phones and laptops thinking about the posture, a wrong posture is a special invitation to neck pain and other back pain as well. 

When you sit in the wrong posture for a long time, this puts excess pressure on your neck and if this is happening on a daily basis, the chances of developing neck pain increase. 

People who have long sitting hours and are not involved in any physical activity are more likely to develop problems related to bad posture like persistent neck pain. Therefore, we will discuss 3 amazing yoga asanas that help to reduce neck pain. 

Yoga asanas are great to improve overall health that includes the mind as well. If you practice yoga asanas daily, you will notice that there is an improvement in your overall flexibility, mental health, stamina and better focus, less stress, improved body strength, and good digestive health. 

According to a study, yoga asanas are helpful to relieve neck pain, improve cervical range of motion, and improve overall energy levels and so much more. 

3  Yoga Asanas to Relieve Neck Pain:

1.  Cat cow pose: The cat-cow pose helps to massage your spine and also stretches your spine that helps to reduce excess pressure or tension in the neck, torso and shoulder area. Cat cow pose also helps to improve overall blood circulation. 

Steps to practice Cat-Cow Pose:

·         Come down on the floor in a cat position on your legs and palms touching the ground. 

·         Then, you need to inhale, look towards the ceiling, drop your abdomen towards the floor and then slowly extend your spine. 

·         Then, you need to exhale while you arch your spine towards the roof or sky. 

·         While doing this, you should tuck your chin into your chest. 

·         You need to repeat these steps for one-minute maximum. 

2.  Child pose: The child pose helps to stretch and relax your glutes, spine, neck and hamstrings muscles. Child pose also helps to relieve tension from the lower neck and back area. 

Steps to Practice Child Pose:

·         First, you need to sit on your knees together on a yoga mat. Your hells should be splayed out to the side and your big toes as well. 

·         Then, you need to fold forward at your hips and walk like a child in the front. 

·         Once you walk in the front, you need to sink your hips and walk down towards your feet. 

·         Then, slowly place your forehead on the floor and place your arms extended in front of you. 

·         You can be in this posture as long as you want and make sure you are breathing deeply. 

3.  Corpse pose: Corpse pose is practised at the end of a yoga session, but here it’s not the case. You can practice corpse pose to get rid of the neck pain, reduce body pain and stress level. 

Steps to practice Corpse Pose: 

·         First, you should lie down on a yoga mat and spread your palms facing the sky or ceiling, and spread your feet. 

·         Try to notice your breathing and maintain this pose as long as you feel relaxed. 

We hope you see improvement in your neck pain with the help of these three yoga asanas. It is advisable to always consult your doctor and only then do these yoga asanas.

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