5 Signs To Limit Your Caffeine Intake


Most people completely depend on a cup of coffee to feel active and fully awake in the daytime. But, do you think it is right for you to feel active and awake only after having coffee? This means you are working against your system to feel awake only after having coffee.

Even if we notice the office culture, most people drink two to three cups of coffee casually to feel active throughout the day. You do this once a day. This may not harm you, but if you are habitual in caffeine intake and doing this for months and years, this causes side effects you should know. 

Therefore, today we will discuss some signs that show that your caffeine intake is too much. Nearly 85% of Americans consume caffeine. Anything in excess amounts is not good for your health and therefore you should know these signs to stop or limit your caffeine intake. 

5 Signs To Limit Caffeine Intake:

1. Lack of sleep:

If you consume excess caffeine throughout the day, this can affect your sleep during the night. This not only makes it difficult for you to sleep, but also reduces the total amount of shut eyes at night. As per the research, even if you are having caffeine six hours before your bedtime, this can also disturb your sleep at night. 

2. Anxiety issues:

Having excess caffeine can increase the chances of flight and fight mode. That means, even if you are having moderate amounts of caffeine, this can cause stress and anxiety problems. People who are suffering from stress and anxiety issues are more likely to face these signs. As per a study, healthy men who were given three cups of caffeine before a stressful task experienced an increase in the stress hormones and blood pressure rise, compared to the others who were given other drinks. 

3. Laxative Effect:

As per the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorder, a person who consumes two to three cups of caffeine is more likely to face diarrhoea compared to the ones who are not consuming caffeine. Caffeine can activate your colon and increase the urge to go to the washroom. So, it is better to avoid caffeine intake during important occasions.

4. Coffee Jitters:

People who consume more than the moderate or even moderate amount of caffeine are prone to experience coffee jitters. Excess caffeine intake (over three cups of caffeine) increases the speed of your central nervous system that can lead to nausea, fast heartbeat and you may also feel shaky. 

5. Weight gain:

People who consume black coffee without sugar and milk will face weight issues. But people who love having thick creamy coffee with sugar and milk are more likely to gain weight. Even if you are not having any desserts, excess caffeine intake or various types of coffee like caramel lattes or a regular brewed coffee can increase your weight.

So, now when you are aware of the signs of consuming excess caffeine, it is high time to cut down your caffeine intake or make it occasional.

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