Vakrasana Benefits and the correct way to practise Easy Spinal Twist Pose!

Vakrasana yoga is an amazing spinal twist pose. Vakrasana is a combination of two words, Vakra means “twisted” and asana means a “yoga posture.” When you practise Vakrasana steps, you experience a suitable twisting of the spine, and therefore it is known as easy spinal twist pose and half spinal twist pose.

Vakrasana is a simple yoga asana, but even then, this asana helps you to stretch and twist to the lower abdomen muscles, and Vakrasana benefits the body organs like liver, intestine, testis, kidney, ovary, pancreas, and stomach. 

Vakrasana benefits people who are suffering from diabetes, and if you practise Vakrasana regularly every day, then this will help you burn belly fat. 

Vakrasana Steps to Practise it Correctly

  1. First, sit on a yoga map and stretch your legs stretched out. 
  2. Try to bend your left leg from the knees and then try to place your foot beside the right knee. 
  3. Exhale and then twist you’re your waist towards the left and make sure that your spine is straight. 
  4. Then, try to place your right arm towards the left side foot, and you need to do this in a way that the outer side of the right arm touching the outer side of the left leg. Also, move your right hand beside the left foot.
  5. Take your left arm back and try to place your palm on the floor and do this in a way that the trunk is properly twisted and straight.
  6. Then, you need to do the same on the other side. 
  7. You can practise Vakrasana two to three times. 

While practising “Vakrasana steps” you must exhale while you are twisting the body. Do not breathe in the rush, try to breathe peacefully and slowly, and try to maintain the pose in the last stage. And inhale when you are returning to the starting position.

Vakrasana Steps

Steps 1: Erected spine and muscles should be active.

Steps 2: Press your elbow into knee

Steps 3: Root your big toe.

Here are 9 preparatory asanas before you practise Vakrasana steps: 

  1. Vajrasana
  2. Ustrasana
  3. Dandasana
  4. Tadasana
  5. Shavasana
  6. Stickasana
  7. Shasakasana
  8. Bhadrasana
  9. Counter pose

Points to remember to practise Vakrasana Steps: 

  1. When you are practising Vakrasana yoga try to minimize the motion in the back region. This will help you practise Vakrasana in a much better way and help you get the optimum Vakrasana benefits. When you practise Vakrasana yoga, make sure you do not put an excess strain on your spine region. Do this correctly, and this will help you get Vakrasana benefits, instead of putting a strain on your spine.
  2. While practising Vakrasana make sure that your shoulders are on the same level. 
  3. While practising Vakrasana yoga your back should be straight

Do not practise Vakrasana if you are suffering from the following conditions: 

  1. Spinal injury. 
  2. Hernia. 
  3. Back pain. 
  4. Hyperthyroidism.
  5. Peptic ulcers.
  6. Do not practise Vakrasana after two to three months of pregnancy. 
  7. Do not practise Vakrasana if you are suffering from slipped disc or sciatica. 
  8. Do not practise Vakrasana if you are suffering from knee pain. 
  9. Do not practise Vakrasana if you are suffering from heart or brain problem. 
  10. If you are suffering from a stiff spine, then it is better to practise Vakrasana steps under the supervision of a yoga expert.
  11. Do not practise Vakrasana in case of abdominal region surgery.

14 Vakrasana Benefits: 

  1. Vakrasana benefits your spine and back nerves. When you practise Vakrasana steps, this helps to provide extension and compression to our back and spine muscles and nerves. This help to improve the condition of your back and spine muscles and nerves. 
  2. Vakrasana benefits our lungs, when you practise Vakrasana, this helps your body to squeeze out the stagnated and sluggish blood from the spinal region. And this further helps to circulate the same to the lungs and heart for the purification process. Hence, this helps to improve the health of our lungs. 
  3. Vakrasana helps old age people to prevent adjoining vertebrae to fuse together. This is a common health issue amongst old age people.  
  4. Vakrasana helps to treat health issues like neck ache, backache and headache.  
  5. Vakrasana helps to increase flexibility and reduce the stiffness in the body. Especially people who have a stiff body should practise Vakrasana.  
  6. Vakrasana benefits people who are suffering from diabetes problem. When you practise Vakrasana, this works as a massage to the abdominal organs which include pancreas.  
  7. Vakrasana helps to treat health problems like rheumatism, diabetes, and constipation. People who have diabetes should practise Vakrasana every day.  
  8. When you practise Vakrasana steps, this helps to instruct the beta cells of the pancreas, and this further helps to produce more insulin as Vakrasana stimulates the pancreas. Hence, the secretion of sugar in the blood helps to control diabetes. 
  9. Vakrasana is beneficial for people with mild cases of slipped disc and sciatica.  
  10. Vakrasana is extremely beneficial for people who are going through some strain or stress in the back. Especially to the people who are suffering pain because of backward and forward bending yoga asanas. 
  11. Vakrasana help to cure headache problem. When you practise Vakrasana, this helps to circulate blood to the different organs which also include our brain, and this helps to get rid of a headache.  
  12. Vakrasana helps to improve the digestion process because of the twisting and compression of the digestive system, our digestive system releases more digestive juice that enhances the digestion process. 
  13. Vakrasana promotes urinary region health and prevents urinary infections. Also, this asana helps to ensure the proper flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the urinary region.  
  14. Parts of our body that are benefited by Vakrasana are back, arms, spine, abdomen and shoulders.

Facts related to Vakrasana, you must know: 

  1. This pose requires flexibility if a person is flexible, he/she can do it easily. 
  2. Your back should be passive while practising this asana to achieve the maximum benefits of Vakrasana. 
  3. While practising Vakrasana, you should upright the final position and keep your back straight.
  4. Vakrasana is one of the best asanas for spine health. 
  5. Vakrasana is amazing, for diabetic people, including people who are suffering from spondylosis, anorexia, menstrual disorder, cervical, indigestion and constipation. 
  6. Vakrasana helps to increase blood circulation in the pelvic region, including the supply of oxygen and nutrients. This is good for the female reproductive system. 

Next time you plan to practise Vakrasana steps, make sure you do it correctly and keep the precaution and the benefits of Vakrasana in your mind.

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