8 Types Of Cancer Treatment And Everything You Need To Know!

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According to the Global Burden of Diseases report, 9.6 million people died due to various forms of cancer in the year 2017. Get the facts on cancer symptoms, treatments, and recovery .

Cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Every sixth person in the world dies due to cancer. One of the most affected countries is the higher-income countries like the United States and Canada.

Today We Will be Sharing Information About Cancer & Types Of Cancer Treatment

  • What is cancer?
  • How does cancer start in our body?
  • Not, every tumor is cancer.
  • And, 8 ways to fight cancer.

What is Cancer? 

  • There is a continuous division of cells (cells) in our body and this is a normal process, over which the body has complete control. 
  • But when the body loses control over the cells of a particular part of the body, then they start growing abnormally, then it is called cancer.
  • When cancerous cells grow, they emerge as tumors (lumps).

How does Cancer Start in Our Body? 

  • Changes in the cell’s genes lead to cancer.
  • Changes in genes can also occur on their own or due to some external factors, like tobacco, viruses, ultraviolet rays, radiation (x-rays, gamma rays, etc.). 
  • The immune system usually kills such cells, but sometimes cancer cells dominate the immune system and then the disease engulfs.

Not every tumor is cancerous!

Two Types of Tumors:

Benign tumors: non-cancerous.

Malignant tumors: carcinogenic.

Benign tumors are not life-threatening and do not spread. It remains in the organ where it is, and from there it is removed through surgery.

Malignant tumors are blunt. They also attack their nearby organs and take them under their control.

Their strength is so high that they separate from the tumor, and penetrate the blood, as a result of which cancer starts spreading to other organs of the body as well.

This process of spreading is called metastasis.  

8 Ways To Fight Cancer!


  • The operation of the organ in which the tumor of cancer has been made.
  • This is how the tumor has been removed to a large extent. 


  • There is an attempt to prevent cancer by giving drugs through IV i.e. Intravenous Therapy.
  • Nowadays tablets are being used instead of needles for chemotherapy.


  • In this process, the tumor is eliminated by giving more dose of radiation. 
  • Radiotherapy does not play a major role in eliminating cancer, rather it helps prevent cancer from spreading if treated differently. 


  • Through this, the immune system of the body is prepared to fight cancer.
  • It can also be called Biological Therapy. 

Targeted therapy: 

  • It contains small molecular drugs that directly attack cancer cells.
  • This does not harm other good cells in the body.  

Hormone therapy:

  • In this, certain types of hormones are given in the body.
  • It reduces the effect of hormones that help cancer grow. 

Stem Cell Transplant:

  • Actually, chemotherapy and radiotherapy destroy the cells of the body.
  • Therefore, with the help of this process, the cells that make blood are made in the body.

Precision Medicine: 

  • In this, every patient is treated differently according to his disease.
  • It can also be called as a personalised medicine treatment.                  

Out of various types of cancer, breast cancer is one of the prominent ones. After breast cancer comes, prostrate and colon & rectum cancer are the top three cancer forms.  

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