Your Sunscreen Is Damaging Your Skin! But How?

sunscreen damage skin

Use a sunscreen if you go out, don’t let your skin burn, naked skin under the sun is harmful to your skin. Don’t ever forget to put on sunscreen before you go out in the sun. Apply sunscreen at least half an hour before you leave home. 

You must have listened to these things thousands of times. Actors, actresses all of them shared, ‘a must-have for my skin,’ as a sunscreen so many times. 

But, today if we say that the face guard sunscreen damages your skin, will you believe us?

Here some of the reason that you must know to understand why sunscreen can harm your skin and how you can protect your skin from this. 

Side Effects of Sunscreen:

Sunscreen can damage your skin if you don’t know this!

According to the new study, there are some severe side-effects of sunscreen cream which can harm your skin

A lot of people use sunscreen cream, lotions and gels to protect their skin from harmful UV rays. Not, shielding your skin with sunscreen can also lead to skin cancer. 

So, how to find a suitable sunscreen cream, lotion or gel without any side-effects?

If you want to protect your skin from the side-effects of sunscreen creams or lotions, first you need to know the following reasons: 

Reasons for Damage Skin

1. Hormonal disturbance

  • As per studies, there are some harmful ingredients which are used in the commercial sunscreen, which can lead to hormonal disturbance.
  • The name of these harmful ingredients are oxybenzone, triclosan, parabens, and phthalates. 
  • According to studies, if people switch to products which are much cleaner and free of these ingredients, the level of these chemicals in their system drops quickly. 
  • So, this is how you can protect your skin and your system from getting harm. 

2.  Cancer:

  • These chemicals are so harmful that it can lead to the growth of cancerous cells. 
  • These chemical cause genetic mutation which rises the development of cancer. 

3. Damages your cells

  • Oxybenzone, which is known to be a popular chemical used in the commercial sunscreen help these sunscreens to absorb UV light. 
  • But, there is one more thing, that a lot of people are unaware that this chemical leads to hormonal disturbance. 
  • This hormone suppresses the growth of cells and also disturb the process of DNA synthesis. This interference leads to a genetic mutation. 
  • Pregnant women with an increased level of oxybenzone in them are prone to give birth to lower weight daughters. Studies have linked endometriosis to oxybenzone.  

4. Increase the Growth of Cancer Cells:

  • Sunscreen chemicals lead to the growth of cancer cells, due to which genetic mutation they cause can be a severe threat to the growth and development of cancerous cells in our system. 

5. Breast Cancer Risk:

  • There is one more chemical named benzophenones, this is another chemical which is found in the sunscreen. 
  • Benzophenones can emulate the effects of excessive estrogen hormone in your body. And, this leads to the risk of breast cancer. 

6. Skin Tumors, and Lesions:

  • A lot of skincare treatment products use Retinyl Palmitate or Vitamin A, it is a substance which is used in the skincare products to ensure that they have anti-oxidants which fights the process of ageing. 
  • But according to research, in which they did experiments on rats showed that using vitamin A formulation on rats (topically) resulted in the faster spread of skin tumors and lesions. 

Therefore, it is always a good decision to first read the ingredients and know certain things that you are putting on your face or body because such harmful chemical can really lead to serious problems. 

Sunscreen is a must but what types of sunscreen are great for your skincare treatment, is what you need to understand. 

And, now what are the thing you know what the things you need to remember while you buy sunscreen for your skincare, we wish you consider the above points. 

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