Smart Air Purifier at CES 2020

Smart Air Purifier

CES 2020 is known to be one of the biggest tech fests in the world. CES 2020 happens in Las Vegas in the month of January. 

And, out of various new innovation-based technology, the company name, AO Air launched, a Smart air purifier at CES 2020. 

CES is one of the largest tech show, which happened in Las Vegas. 

“Air pollution now kills more people than smoking every year,” said Dan Bowden, Co-Founder and CEO of AO Air. 

What is Special About Smart Air Purifier?

  • This Smart air purifier device has a filter system to keep polluted air and dust particles away from the surrounding air. 
  • This device has small fans attached to it which help to clear air in front of your mouth and this creates a small area of clear, unpolluted air for you. 
  • One of the eye-catching things is its design, which has been made in a way that when you wear this smart mask, this does not cover your nose and face, still brings clean air for you. 
  • According to the AO AIR, CEO, this mask provides 50 times more clean air than any other mask available in the market. 
  • The cost of this AO Air-Smart Air Purifier- is 24 thousand rupees. 
  • Along, with the Smart air purifier mask, you get three more filters with it. 

“Our transparent design rests on the bridge of your nose, allowing others, including your smile, to see your face.” – AO Air.

Why AO AIR Smart Air Purifier is Different?

  • AO Air seems different from others because they have tried to include features which were not taken care of in the other masks. Although the range of this mask is also a lot higher than most of the other pollution masks available in the market.
  • Therefore, this smart pollution mask, lightly touches the skin, makeup and facial hair, and this do not obstruct the quality and the performance of the smart air purifier mask. 
  • The Atmos is beneficial for the people who are mostly on the go and needs proper protection from bad quality air pollution. 

“Anyone who has endured the wildfires in California attempted to exercise during a pollution warning in Seoul, worked on a construction site in New York, or danced at Burning Man knows that the current technology is flawed and hasn’t changed in over 60 years. AO Air Facewear goes far beyond the capabilities of any other wearable available on the market to provide protection from air pollution and awareness of what is in their surrounding air. Our mission is to help people live without fear of air pollution.”

Atmos is capable of targeting the particles of PM2.5 and above, which mean this mask manages to successfully capture 98.7% of these particles. 

AO Air, allows other people to see your face and your smile. 

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