Triangle Pose Yoga, Trikonasana Steps & Benefits

You can only understand the benefits of yoga if you have practised it, reading about it, and actually experiencing something are two completely different things. 

So, today we will share Trikonasana triangle benefits, “Trikonasana steps“, and its precaution to give a complete inside of how to practice this asana correctly and how to achieve maximum benefits from Trikonasana.

The word Trikonasana has derived from the Sanskrit language. This word is a combination of two words which is Triangle (Trikona) and Posture (Asana). The reason it is known as Trikonasana or Triangle pose because when you practise “Trikonasana triangle steps“, your body looks similar to the shape of a triangle. 

If you practice Trikonasana steps every day, you will get many benefits which will help you to strengthen your joints and to stretch your body muscles.

Trikonasana Steps to Practise it correctly: 

  1. First, you need to stand on your yoga map, make sure your spine is erect, feet are together (big toes and heels slightly touching each other) and head straight. 
  2. You must ensure that your body weight is equally distributed on the heels and toes. And your hands should be on the side of the body. 
  3. Take a deep breath and relax and then start with moving your right foot to the outside direction and turn your left foot slightly towards the inward direction. Try to keep your knees straight while you are practising this asana. 
  4. Then, you must bend your trunk to the right side and ensure to not bend your body in the forward direction.
  5. Then touch the floor with your left-hand fingers while closing your right ankle. Do this when the truck is completely bent. 
  6. And the right palm might rest on the floor. Do not try to force this position too much in the starting, give some time and you will able to do this Trikonasana easily after a while. 
  7. Then do the same things with the other side of the body. 
  8. You can hold this position for a minute or as long as you can and then you can slowly increase your time after a few days of practising. 
  9. Come to the starting position once you have completed this asana and breathe deeply.
  10. Repeat this asana for 1 to 3 times on both the sides.  

8 Trikonasana Benefits (Triangle Pose)

  1. Practising Trikonasana triangle benefits your body to get rid of indigestion, flatulence, gastritis, and acidity problem. When you practise trikonasana steps, this helps your body to stimulate the digestive system that helps you to be more productive and prevent you from various stomach related disorders.
  2. If you practise Trikonasana steps, this will help you to get relive from backache and also improve the flexibility of your spine. Practising trikonasana benefits you in a way that you will be free from any type of back-related problem or back pain. 
  3. Trikonasana triangle benefits to correct the alignment of your shoulders and improve the shape of your shoulders as well. 
  4. Practising Trikonasana benefits the entire body, but if you practise Trikonasana steps every day, it can be helpful to get rid of the neck sprain. 
  5. Trikonasana benefits you to strengthen your palms and ankles this happens because of the stretch and movement you do while practising Trikonasana triangle steps. 
  6. Practising Trikonasana triangle steps also help you to get relief from the menstruation pain and to get rid of the menstrual cramps. But, you must practise Trikonasana steps every day.
  7. Trikonasana triangle benefits to not only strengthen your body but also help you to get rid of anxiety and stress problem. When you practise Trikonasana steps every day, this promotes happy hormones that automatically help you to feel good and brings a smile on your face. 
  8. Trikonasana triangle steps helps to increase blood circulation. Hence, Trikonasana prevents you from a stroke.

Trikonasana Precautions

  • Avoid unnecessary injury or pain by overstretching your body while practising Trikonasana.
  • If your neck starts to hurt while practising Trikonasana, you need to slightly lower your neck. 
  • If you feel severe pain in the back, neck or shoulder area you must not practise this asana. 
  • People who are suffering from a knee injury, spinal disorder, breathing problem, cervical spondylosis, vertigo, high blood pressure, migraine, and arthritis and heart problem should not practise this Trikonasana. 

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