Trataka Candle Gazing Benefits & Techniques

Trataka Candle Gazing

This is one of the best cleansing processes out of six yogic cleansing processes. The name of this process of Trataka yoga or says candle gazing meditation. 

Today, we will share candle gazing benefits and how to practise trataka yoga. This is simple yoga asana in which you need to focus on a point, and this involves gazing without blinking on the moon, setting or rising sun, a small dot, a flame or yantra (it is a specific geometric diagram). 

When you try to focus on some external points, this further helps to increase your focus on internal points. This helps to increase concentration and also a meditation practise. 

Trataka Benefits you to Increase Concentration and Focus:

  1. When you gaze or focus on something this helps you to slow down the thinking process because when you think your eyes move, and when you do try to focus this helps your mind to be calm. 
  2. Trataka yoga (candle gazing pose) is known as a type of Pratyahara technique. When you practise trataka yoga, you direct your energies into the sense of seeing and withdrawing the other senses. 
  3. If you practise trataka yoga or candle gazing pose it will benefit your mind to concentrate and become more efficient than before. 

 What are the things you need to practise trataka yoga?

  1. A small stool or a table. 
  2. A chair or anything to sit on. 
  3. A quiet and darkroom. 
  4. Candle.

Some people who find it difficult to sit on the floor they can use a chair. Make sure your spine is erect, and the surface of the candle is higher than your surface. 

What techniques do you need to follow to practise trataka yoga?

  1. Place the candle at a distance of an arm’s length it should be away from you. Make sure that the candle is placed at the same height as your chest. 
  2. You need to sit in a meditation pose when you are sitting to practise trataka yoga. 
  3. The reason it is better to place the candle higher and at an equal height as your chest because if you don’t this might create tension at the eyebrow centre. 
  4. Not placing the candle at the right height can lead to a burning sensation in the eyes. 
  5. Then, after placing the candle at a right height, close your eyes and repeat mantras. 
  6. Candle flame should remain still. 
  7. While you are focusing on the candle, flames do not blink your eyes.
  8. While you are trying to gaze, you will notice that the flame is divided into three colours, one is white, another one is reddish and the tip of the flame is a little smoky. So, you need to focus on the upper flame, which is the brightest. 
  9. Then gently close your eyes and then you need to imagine like the flame is within. You need to focus on this image without any tension. 
  10. Do not try to hold on to the image, this how your image will disappear or fade. 

You can repeat this for at least three times. The time of gazing candle gazing meditation can be increased after a while with practise. If you are a beginner, then you need to gaze at the flame for 10 to 15 seconds and slowly increase this time with regular practise and time.

It takes nearly one year to gaze at the candle for one minute. And when you will try to focus on with closed eyes, you can concentrate for four minutes. Do not increase the length of time, we recommended to you. 

You can also practise trataka yoga by using a black paper. You need to draw a white point on the black paper or vice versa. When you will gaze on the white point, you see an image of that point after closing your eyes.  

Benefits candle gazing meditation:

  1. Trataka benefits your eye muscles and strengthens them.
  2. Trataka benefits your eyes and helps to treat some type of eye disorders. 
  3. Trataka helps to relieve insomnia.
  4. Trataka benefits to fight depression.
  5. Trataka benefits help to improve focus and concentration.
  6. Trataka helps to improve emotional stability.

Contraindications related to Trataka yoga are:  

  1. People who are suffering from schizophrenia or hallucinations should not practise Trataka yoga. 
  2. If you want to practise Trataka yoga, then you need to first consult an expert, and if you get to allowance, then you should practise this under the guidance of an expert. 
  3. People who are from psychic problems should not practise this asana.

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