Drink Jeera Water Every Day In The Morning – Know The Benefits of This Drink!

Jeera water

Many people must have heard that drinking water the first things in the morning is beneficial for your system to get rid of toxins and to start your day with a fresh mind. Yes, when your gut is clean and healthy, you feel much better and this has a good impact on your mood as well. 

So, keeping your stomach healthy is the first step to a healthy mind and body and therefore today we will discuss the benefits of cumin water. Jeera water is known for its various health benefits and today we will the health benefits of this simple but effective drink. 

It is also said that jeera (cumin seeds) water is great for people who want to lose weight that does not mean that you will only drink jeera water and do nothing.  

Many people love simple daal topped with jeera and ghee tadka and it just tastes so much better. So, let’s try this amazing drink to get the maximum benefits of cumin seeds. 

How to Prepare Cumin Water Drink?

You just need to add a spoon full of jeera in a glass of water at night and leave it like this overnight. It is better to use lukewarm water to prepare this drink. Then you just need to strain this liquid in the morning and drink it on an empty stomach. 

Here are the Benefits of Jeera Water: 

1.      Jeera water helps to improve your digestion process, having jeera water in the morning does wonders for your stomach health. 

2.      Cumin water benefits people who are anemic, yes this is a major issue amongst many females and having jeera water the first thing in the morning helps to treat anaemia problem. 

3.      Cumin water not only improves your digestion but this drink also helps to improve your metabolism and you feel fuller for a longer time. 

4.      The reason cumin water is so effective because this simple drink is full of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties like manganese, vitamin-A, C and copper. 

5.      If you are hungry all the time, having cumin water can be helpful.  

6.      Cumin water also helps to flush out the harmful toxins from your system and prevent your system from the effect of free radicals as well. 

Cumin seeds have thymol and this thymol in cumin seeds helps to improve the secretion of the digestive juice in your system and improve digestion. 

Therefore, in so many Indian dishes roasted jeera powder is still used to enhance the taste like we use the roasted jeera powder in raita and even buttermilk, popularly known as mattha in Hindi. And, if you remember, both raita and mattha are consumed for better digestion of your food.

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