Amazing Concept of Water as per Ayurveda – Tips to Drink Water The Right Way!

water as per ayurveda

Water is one of the essential fluids you need not just for survival but also because water helps to maintain balance and cool the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Water also helps to nourish your system, and for the proper functioning of your system.

Water also removes toxins from your system, you feel energetic, refreshing because of water. No doubt 60% of an adult body is water.

According to Ayurveda, if you want to increase the moisture absorption and enhance the cleansing process, then you should boil the water. Boiling water helps to create therapeutic water known as ushnodaka. 

You can also use other methods in which you can add a few herbs and spices to the water once it’s boiled. 

There are three ways to consume water: 

1.  Regular Water: This type of water takes a maximum of six hours to clean your channels. 

2.  Cooled and Boiled Water: This types of water take a maximum of 3 hours to clean your channels and for absorption. 

3.  Hot Herbal Water: This type of water that is infused with essential herbs or spices takes a maximum of 1 and a half hours to clean the channels and for absorption.  

According to Ayurveda, your water consumption can affect your health. Mainly there are three types of body and people who are Vata dominant experience more dry skin and constipation compared to Kapha dominant people. Also, Pitta dominant people are really thirsty.

Remember These Important Tips as per Ayurveda:

1.  Do not be in a hurry while drinking water. Try to sit down and then drink water.

2.  Do not rush while drinking water, try to sip slowly, calmly, breathe and then repeat this process all day. Do not the entire glass of water at once.

3.  Drinking the entire glass of water at once does not get absorbed by your system, and most of the water flushes out of the system.

4.  If you want to get the benefits of water, it is best to consume water at room temperature and remember that warm water is always better. Do not drink icy cold water that slows down your digestive fire.

5.  According to Ayurveda, when you eat you need to consume 25% water and 50% should be food and the rest 25% should be empty. Do not drink too much water while eating your meal, it’s not good for your digestion.

6.  Try to not drink too much water after or before the meal because as we mentioned earlier you need to only drink 25% water, 50% food and the rest 25% should be empty.

7.  Do not drink when you are not thirty, only drink water when you are thirsty. Follow your body instead of setting timers on your phones to drink water.

You must have heard many times that it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day but the need for water depends on various other factors like your lifestyle, your body type, the place you are living, and your diet, etc.

So, instead of blindly drinking water without any thirst, it better to listen to your system and drink when you are thirsty. Do not confuse your brain by drinking water mindlessly for the entire day.

Also, you can notice the colour of your urine, people who do not drink enough water might notice much dark yellow colour urine. For people who remain hydrated, their urine colour will be very light yellow or nearly transparent.  

Also, if your lips are really dry, that means that you are not drinking enough water. It is important to not ignore the thirst signals because if you do not drink enough water when you are thirsty is not good for your body.

You can also simple ingredients to make your water more detoxifying than normal water like lemon. Lemons not only alkalize your system but also help to detox your body in a much more effective way.

You can also consume warm water first thing in the morning, and if you want, you can add lemon juice to it. This is an amazing way to start your day and to clean your system and Detox your body. Do not eat anything for at least 30min to one hour.

Benefits of Lemon Water: 

1.  Prevent inflammation.

2.  Helps to lose weight.

3.  Refreshing and nourishing.

4.  Aids digestion problems.

5.  Good for immunity.

6.  Prevent viral infection.

7.  Prevent bad breath.

8.  Prevent skin blemishes.

Other things to add to your water are: 

1.      Mint: It is one of the most loved and effective ingredients that is added to water, and other summer drinks to provide a cooling, refreshing, nourishing effect to your system. Also, adding mint leaves in your water-based drinks (avoid sugar and ice) prevent digestion issues and inflammation.

2.      Cucumber: Cucumbers are 96% water and consuming such a hydrating vegetable that is extremely refreshing and cooling for your system. You can also consume cucumber by eating it in a raw form or make delicious raitas along with curd.

3.      Ginger: Adding ginger to your water-based drinks is a good way to get the benefits of ginger. Ginger is an effective ingredient to Detox your system, improve digestion and get other various benefits of ginger.

Drinking water with various effective ingredients can really nourish your system along with other benefits. We hope you will make some changes in your eating and drinking habits. This might look like small steps, but such small steps can be really effective for your system.

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