6 Reasons To Have Til Ke Laddu This Winter!!

Til Ke Laddu

If you haven’t tried til ke laddu, your winter is incomplete because not only til ke laddu (sesame seeds, sweet balls made with jaggery) are delicious, but they provide many health benefits. 

It’s been a thing for so many kids to wait for winters to enjoy winter delicacies like jagak, revri, til ke laddu, and chana laddu. These delicacies are winter special in India. Sesame seeds laddu are made with jaggery and taste delicious. You can have these laddus after your meal as a dessert and kick off that sugar craving with a healthy sweet laddu.

You can use Sesame seeds in various dishes and desserts, but beating the taste of til ke laddu is near to impossible because it’s a simple but unique sweet taste. If you want to prepare your body to fight off the chills and cold breeze, try to add foods like sesame seeds to your diet. 

Here are the Health Benefits of Til ke Laddu:

Good for your heart health:

If you are someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle which is common in the 21st century, this can be harmful to your health. Not having meals on time, eating anything without knowing what to eat at what time, no physical workout, and relying on junk foods is damaging to your health. This also leads to excessive fat that further blocks your arteries and becomes a barrier to free blood flow. So, try to include foods that have unsaturated fats like til ke laddu. 

Improve cholesterol levels:

Sesame seeds sweet balls are rich in unsaturated fats that help to reduce the bad cholesterol level in your body. No doubt, sesame seeds are good for your heart’s health as well. Make sure, if you are diabetic you consume in limit and consult your doctor before you consume in excess because til ke laddu is made with jaggery that can spike your sugar levels. 

Improve bowel movements:

When you consume too much, greasy and oily foods, this can cause indigestion and constipation. Therefore, it is necessary to have the required amount of fiber in your day-to-day diet. Til ke laddu works as an after-meal dessert, and these traditional delicacies are also rich in dietary fiber that helps to improve your bowel movements. These sesame seeds laddus also help regulate your blood sugar level and prevent various stomach problems by stimulating your bowel movements. 

Good for skin:

If your New Year resolution was to get good flawless skin then, try to add foods that improve your skin quality. The best way to start your skincare is to include foods that are good for your skin because nothing can beat a healthy diet no matter what is your skincare regime. Sesame seeds are a good source of good fats like omega-3 fatty acids and iron that improve the blood flow in your body and give you that natural skin and supple skin. People with acne problems should also include sesame seeds in their diet because it helps to prevent acne and other skin problems. 

Stronger bones:

People who want to improve their bone strength should include til ke laddu in their diet to get a decent amount of calcium on a daily basis instead of relying on marketed supplements to choose natural sources. 

Good for immunity:

In today’s time, it is essential to have good immunity because your immune system plays a vital role in protecting you from various viruses and diseases. Sesame seeds are rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, copper, zinc, and vitamin E that promote white blood cells and prevent infections. 

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