Things You Need To Know About Kidney Stones!

Kidney stones are formed due to excessive accumulation of excessive minerals from our blood, removed by our kidneys. But when these excessive minerals, and urea start to accumulate, this leads to the formation of kidney stones. 

Kidneys work to remove excessive waste from our body but due to various reasons when the waste remains in the kidney, causes the formation of kidney stones. 

Another thing about kidney stones is that it may form in one kidney or maybe both. These crystals like stones may vary in size, in most of the cases, passing kidney stones which are really small in size might not show any symptoms of kidney stones but if the stones are large, that may cause severe pain.

When a large size stone starts passing into the Ureter and get stuck, it causes severe pain. The ureter is a tube that is linked from kidney stone to the bladder. 

In how much time a kidney stone will dilute or passes depend upon your kidney stone medicine, even there are natural remedies for kidney stones which can be used to boost up the recovery speed. 

Key Factors of Passing Kidney Stones

  1. Location of the stone 
  2. Size of the stones

1. Location of the stones:  A person would be able to get rid of kidney stones naturally or not will depend upon the location of the stones. Some of the formations of stones happen in the Ureter and some stones are formed in the kidney itself.

Passing Kidney stones which are formed in the lower part of the Ureter closer to the bladder and passing of kidney stones which are formed in the upper part of the Ureter, more close to the kidney may naturally pass without intervention. 

Like according to research outlined in the year 2014, 79% of stones which are formed near to the bladder will pass without intervention, and the percentage of stones that are close to kidney stones is 48%. 

2. Size of the stones: Mostly it seems that kidney stones which are small in size can pass naturally from your body, without causing pain. 

Kidney stones which are smaller than 4mm will be able to pass naturally.  

According to SureShot Ayurveda, herbal tea for kidney stones treatment recovery rate is based on the size of the stones like:

The numbers of days it will take for treatment to work are directly proportional to the size of your kidney stone. 

  • People, who have 5 mm of kidney stone, should go for an ultrasound test after 15 days, after consuming herbal tea treatment for kidney stones. 
  • Who have 5 mm to 10 mm of kidney stone, should go for an ultrasound test after 1 month, after consuming herbal tea treatment for kidney stones. 
  • People who have 10 mm or more than 10 mm of kidney stones should consume 5 grams of the herbal tea medicine and then go for an ultrasound test after 40 days.

It is important to prevent yourself from surgery and other treatment causing side-effects, unlike herbal tea treatment. This herbal tea is an Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones prepared by years of experience with the help of beneficial herbs by SureShot Ayurveda expert. 

When do you need to consult a doctor?

If anyone is experiencing the following symptoms of kidney stones, then it is time for you to consult a doctor or go for a kidney stones treatment. 

  • Feeling severe pain in the back or side of the waist. 
  • Blood in the urine. 
  • Sudden urge to go.
  • Feeling of chill and fever.
  • Foul-smell of urine. 
  • Feeling burn during urination. 
  • Vomiting

So, when you see such symptoms of kidney stones, it is time for you to go for a kidney stone treatment and consult a doctor. 

SureShot Ayurveda: Home remedy to get rid of kidney stones at home!

Follow this home remedy for kidney stones as suggested by SureShot Ayurveda Expert. 

You need these 5 herbs to prepare this Decoction (Kadha) named:

1. The first herb is Gokhru (Tribulus Terrestris) 

2. Second is Daruhaldi which is used to make a famous homeopathy medicine Berberis Vulgaris (Berberis Aristata) 

3. The third one is Pathharchatta (Bryophyllum Pinnatum) 

4. Fourth is Moolishar (The salt of Daikon)

5. Fifth herb: Talmakhana Shar (The salt of Talmakahan plant)

Follow these steps to make this home remedy:

Note: These herbs are easily available at any Ayurveda store. Also, make sure that the herbs we suggest should be original and fresh. 

  • Use 50 gms of first three herbs: Gokhru, Daruhaldi, and Pathharchatta. 
  • And 15 gms of last two herbs: Moolishar and Talmakhana Shar.
  • Mix these herbs properly. 
  • Then boil 3 gms of medicine (herbs) in a full glass of water. 
  • And, once the water boils down to the half glass, filter the water. 
  • Drink this on an empty stomach every day in the morning.

You can also contact the SureShot team to get our herbal tea for kidney stone treatment. 

Some Tips to Boost the Recovery Rate

  • Drink an adequate amount of water, a good amount of liquid intake encourages urination which helps to get rid of kidney stones quickly or to stop the formation of the stones. 
  • Try to reduce the calcium intake, one of the most popular types of kidney stones are made of calcium and therefore, it is good for you to reduce your calcium intake. 
  • Try to eat fruits which are citrus in nature, because citrus fruits are boosted with chemical citrate. And citrate helps to reduce the formation of kidney stones. 
  • Try to limit your protein intake like all types of dairy products including meat, eggs, milk and bacon, etc. 
  • Do not consume foods which are high in sodium.
  • Avoid salty junk foods like chips, burgers, pizzas and avoid canned and processed food. 

If, it is difficult for you to understand that what is good for you to eat at this point of time when you are diagnosed with kidney stone then you can also consult your dietitian or your doctor for a diet chart and then simply follow it. 

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