How to Get Rid of Neck Pain or Back Pain Due to Stress?

get rid of back pain

No matter what happens do not stress out and even if you try to engage your mind towards the positive side of the situation and try to think about the solution instead of thinking about the problem. 

We stress out when we don’t know how to control a situation or our emotions and that leads us to stress. 

Stress can affect your system in a way that the outcome of it leads to headaches, weight fluctuation, and mood swings. And, when you stress, the functioning of your heart is not at its optimal level. 

On the other side, on the other side-effects of stress are back pain and neck pain. When a person stresses repetitively over a period of time, this leads to the cause of musculoskeletal issues in these regions of the body. 

When you stress your body releases some hormones like cortisol, naturally. Cortisol is stress hormones which can lead to increased fat accumulation and loss of muscle mass if the cortisol level increases. 

According to a report, most of the adults are aware of the fact that stress can lead to back pain problem or neck pain problem. 

Causes of Neck Pain and Back Pain in Percentage:

  1. 29% due to stress. 
  2. 26% due to less physical activity or no exercise result in weak muscles. 
  3. 26% due to physical work. 
  4. 26% due to the overweight problem. 
  5. 21% due to spinal disc herniation. 
  6. 20% due to sitting for long hours on the desk during work. 

Though it is not possible to vanish all the stress from a person’s life. But it can be reduced to its minimal level by taking some small steps. When you reduce your stress, you will also be able to reduce the elevated back or neck pain. 

How Stress and Back Pain/ Neck Pain are Connected?

Stress and Pain in the Back:

If the back is ignored over a period of time it can actually affect the way you walk, pain may lead to hips, knee and feet, even your body posture gets affected. We also call back pain as mid-back pain and low-back pain. 

When you are under stress and breathe it changes your breathing pattern which leads to changes in your breathing pattern and which further results in strain and tension in the mid-back.

Mid-back pain includes muscles that can be affected by breathing. This also includes the shoulder and chest muscles. 

On the other side, low-back pain includes the lower half of the back muscles and the tailbone. These muscles are responsible for posture and flexibility. 

It has been seen that many people do not exercise and less exercise and physical activity when they are sad or under stress. This leads them towards a sedentary lifestyle and they end up sitting or lying for long hours at work or home. When a person does this on a regular basis, this puts pressure on their spine and strain low-back muscles.  

Some Common Causes of Back Pain are:

  1. Obesity or overweight. 
  2. Sedentary lifestyle. 
  3. Inadequate nutrition. 
  4. Lessor no exercise.

Stress and Pain in the Neck:

When you are stress that tension can cause headache and muscles pain. 

And, when the same neck pain is not treated properly or neglected for more time, it can lead to depression, irritability and fatigue. 

Also, when a person sits for a long hour in front of a desktop at work or uses their cell phone for hours that put a strain on their neck and spine muscles.  

Ayurvedic Treatment For Lower Back Pain:

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