Amazing 10 Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Imagine it’s a hot summer day, you’re thirsty and then you see some chilled sugarcane juice. Isn’t that just the best thing? Well, apart from quenching your thirst and keeping you cool, sugarcane juice has a lot of health benefits. Sugarcane juice is a completely natural juice, it has no fats, and has several health benefits. 

An 8-ounce serving of Sugarcane juice, approximately 240 ml of sugarcane juice contains 250 calories and 30 gm of natural sugar. There’s zero fat content, zero cholesterol, no fiber, and protein. But it does contain sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. 

Sugarcane is usually used as a summer drink for hydration, but not many know about the health benefits it brings with it. 

10 Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

1. Works as an Energy Drink

Instead of relying on artificial energy drinks in summer, try sugarcane juice. The energy-giving properties are why sugarcane juice is sold at roadside kiosks in summer. 

It energizes your body and ensures that you don’t suffer from dehydration. The sugars in the juice get absorbed by the body and restore sugar levels in your body, thus providing energy.

2. Boosts Liver Function

If you have been suffering from some liver-related health issues, then sugarcane juice can help you. Especially if you have jaundice. 

As sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature, it helps in maintaining the right balance of electrolytes in your body. In turn, boosting your liver function. 

3. Cancer-Fighting Properties

Sugarcane juice is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese. The combination of these nutrients makes sugarcane juice alkaline in nature. 

The flavonoids in the juice help your body get rid of cancerous cells. Sugarcane juice is especially helpful in warding off prostate and breast cancer. 

4. Soothes the Digestive System

If you happen to face digestive issues as soon as summer hit, then you should include sugarcane juice in your diet. 

The high level of potassium in sugarcane juice maintains a healthy pH level in the stomach. It facilitates the secretion of digestive juices and makes sure your system stays on track. It also wards off stomach infections. 

5. Helpful for People With Diabetes

Most diabetic people think that the high level of sweetness in sugarcane juice is not good for them. In reality, moderate consumption of sugarcane juice can benefit diabetic people. Natural sugar has a low glycemic index that prevents spikes in blood glucose levels. 

6. Keeps Kidneys Healthy

This is one of the least-known health benefit of sugarcane juice. As it has a low cholesterol level, low-sodium level, and it doesn’t contain any saturated fats, it is healthy for kidneys. 

7. Relives Pain Related to UTIs

If you dilute the sugarcane juice with lime juice, and coconut water, it can help in reducing body inflammation that’s caused by UTIs. That’s not all, sugarcane juice can also provide relief from pain from kidney stones and prostatitis.

8. Helps Develop Bones and Teeth

In rural areas, kids and old people even today chew on sugarcane sticks as it’s sweet to eat.

But it’s not just a snack, it also helps in keeping bones strong. For kids, it helps in the development of new teeth. Sugarcane is rich in calcium, so it ensures proper development of the skeletal system. 

9. Prevents Bad Breath & Tooth Decay

If you’re suffering from tooth decay, which in turn leads to bad breath, then sugarcane juice can save you. 

Sugarcane is rich in several minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. It helps in building tooth enamel, and strengthens your teeth, preventing them from decaying. It also removes bad breath that comes along with the lack of these nutrients. 

10. Helps Cure Acne

If you use sugarcane juice topically, it can cure skin problems such as acne. As sugarcane juice contains Alpha-hydroxyacids (AHAs), it increases cell turnover. It also helps exfoliate the skin, preventing acne buildup. 

You can mix the juice with “Multani mitti” and mix it till the consistency becomes a face mask type. Apply on the neck, and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash the mask off with cold water. 

Sugarcane Juice Benefits FAQs

1. Should I drink sugarcane juice regularly?

If you drink sugarcane juice every day, it can give you all the above-mentioned health benefits. You can keep your liver and kidneys healthy. You can protect your tooth from breaking and decaying, and also ensure your bones are strong. It prevents digestive issues, and clears up your skin. 

So, yes! If you can drink sugarcane juice regularly, and you have no side effects from it, then you absolutely should.

2. What happens when we drink sugarcane juice?

The fastest benefit that you can see from sugarcane juice is that it gives you instant energy. Sugarcane has a high level of sucrose, so it replenishes your body’s blood sugar level and provides instant energy during hot summer days.

3. When should I drink sugarcane juice?

The best time to have a glass of sugarcane juice is after you’ve been out in the sun for a while. It will instantly provide energy to your body, and hydrate you. You can also drink sugarcane juice after a workout session. 

4. Sugarcane juice vs coconut water?

Coconut water can be drunk without any processing, in its natural form. So it’s more convenient to drink. But both of them have their own fair share of benefits. 

5. Is sugarcane juice good for hair growth?

Drinking sugarcane juice is a great option for your hair as it promotes hair growth. You can get healthy, and smooth hair by drinking sugarcane juice regularly. 

Not just drinking, you can apply sugarcane juice to your scalp as it improves the texture of the hair and nourishes the scalp.

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