These 3 Ingredients Can Change Your Skincare Routine!

Skincare Routine

It is time for self-care. At least once a month you should give your skin the much needed time because the skin is the most visible organ of your human body that protects your entire system from the outer harsh environment.

People who eat healthy food, exercise and follow a good skincare regime are less prone to develop any skin related problems and when your skin is healthy, it is a reflection of your overall health. Your skin is a mirror to your health and therefore no matter what is your gender, everyone should take care of their skin with no hesitation.

Therefore, today we will talk about some of the top three skincare ingredients that can be really effective for your skin if you use them right. There are so many brands available in the market that it is getting difficult for all of us to select one product that works best for our skin type. However, there is a way that can be helpful for you to at least have basic ingredients knowledge that helps your skin to remain healthy.

The skincare world is evolving day by day with so many ingredients that are in the hype and with so many technologies, treatments, tools and skincare products that if a person does not know about the skincare products, they might end up harming their skin. Some years back, people were trying scrubbing as an important skincare regime, however, this started changing when these harsh physical scrubs were proven to damage the skin barrier and leave skin excessively dry.

The most prevalent cause of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, sunburn, and wrinkles is sun damage. And, therefore, including sunscreen and following a basic skincare regime is important to take care of your skin and to keep it healthy and clean.

Let’s discuss the five ingredients that are hyping in today’s time in the skincare industry, like hyaluronic acid, which work as humectants and help lock moisture to the skin that makes it soft and prevents dryness. However, your skin naturally does the same, but using this hyaluronic acid is helpful at an age when you sin starts losing that natural barrier that keeps your skin moisturized and therefore such products can play a vital role in your skincare regime.

3 Popular Skincare Ingredients You Must Know:

1. Vitamin C:

This is one of the most useful methods to prevent your skin from the damage of free radicals because vitamin c serums are rich with potent antioxidants and properties that help to regenerate your skin cells. Vitamin C serums also prevent your skin from pollution and harmful UV sun rays. 

2. Vitamin E:

You must have seen people use vitamin E in various skincare products like lip balms, facial oils, serums, moisturisers, creams, and facemasks. Vitamin E works best to reduce acne scars marks and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E also works as an anti-ageing ingredient and, because of the powerful antioxidants in it, it also helps to improve blood circulation. Maybe this is the reason that after applying vitamin E serums or oil, people notice firmness in their skin. 

3. Aloe vera:

This is one ingredient that can be used directly after extracting from the aloe vera leaf. Aloe vera gel is one of the most versatile skincare ingredients because of its multiple benefits. This gel is great for skin nourishment and hydration. To reduce dark spots, heat rashes, sunburns and even dandruff and frizzy hair. 

Using these ingredients in your skincare regime will not harm your skin. Just make sure you always read the ingredients. However, other beneficial ingredients are good for your skin and are quite popular these days, like niacinamide, AHA, BHA, and so much more. You just need to know your skin type, understand your skin requirements and, based on that requirement, choose your skincare products.

It is also advisable that if you are someone with really sensitive skin, that almost every popular hyped skincare product is not suiting your skin type, make sure you see a dermatologist and try to understand your skin condition and then buy products that are recommended by your dermatologist.

In the starting you might think, you do not have to see a dermatologist or you can watch some videos online and understand everything yourself, but here you are wrong. No one can help your already sensitive skin from further damage than a professional.

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