Today we will talk about sprouts health benefits and why it is good to have a handful of spouts every day.

There are so many benefits of eating sprouts and therefore today we will not only share the benefits of eating sprouts but also the nutritional value of sprouts. 

Sprouts has been a popular food in Chinese cuisine for a long time and now it is becoming popular in the west. 

Even in India, sprouts are commonly consumed and without any doubt the benefits of eating sprouts every day are amazing. 

Sprouts Nutrition Value:

Having one cup of spouts every day contains:

Protein1 gram
Fiber1 gram
FatLess than 1 gram
Carbohydrates1 gram
SugarLess than 1 gram

Sprouts Health Benefits:

Sprouts are amazing to improve the functioning of the body, improve digestion, enhance bone growth and prevent blood clotting. Also, this food is an excellent source of vitamin K. 

1.  Improve digestion: Sprouts are rich in living enzymes and this helps to improve your metabolic process. These living enzymes also help to improve the chemical reactions in our body. Therefore, the benefit of eating sprouts every day is that it helps to improve your digestion. 

2. Improve blood circulation: Sprouts also contain copper and iron that helps to maintain the red blood cells in your body. When this happens, it improves blood circulation. Having sprouts also helps to increase the oxygen supply to various organs, and this further improves the functioning of various organs. 

3. Good to lose weight: If you are looking for nourishing food options to get rid of the excess body fat, then simply add sprouts to your diet. You don’t need to worry about calories when it comes to sprouts, you can have sprouted seeds and lentils to get the boost of essential nutrients. 

4. Boost immunity: Sprouts are rich in vitamin C, which helps to improve your immunity. Vitamin C also helps to prevent various infections and diseases and works as a protective shield towards such health problems. Also, vitamin A in the sprouts is good for immunity. 

5. Good for eye health: As we mentioned earlier that sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin A and this vitamin is good for eye health and maintaining good vision. Sprouts are rich in antioxidants that prevent your eye cells from the damage of free radicals. 

Other Benefits of Eating Sprouts Every Day:

1. Sprouts are rich in various types of nutrients that nourish your body. 

2. Sprouts are rich in magnesium, folate, calcium, Vitamin C, A and K, potassium and beta-carotene. 

3. Sprouts help to lower the blood sugar level in people who suffer from diabetes.

4. Sprouts health benefits people with high insulin levels and sprouted seeds and grains also help to lower carbohydrates levels. 

If you like to add more nutrition to your every day meals, then adding sprouts to your diet is a good way to start. You can also carry sprouts in small packets and tiffin to have as snacks instead of eating junk food from outside. To avoid those evening or afternoon craving you can always have a wrist full of sprouts and you are good to go.

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