COVID Patients’ Diet Plan for Fast Recovery At Home!

This is a crucial time for people who are facing severe symptoms because of the second strain of coronavirus, and this has led to a huge problem. It is difficult for people to even get a bed in the hospital and therefore it is important for people to understand that they do not need to panic. Instead, if you are not suffering from any severe symptoms, it is best to stay at home and heal at home.

Therefore, today we will discuss diet for covid patient diet plan for a quick recovery. It is best to keep your diet in check if you are corona positive and experiencing mild symptoms. 

This will help both you and your family members to heal without visiting a hospital, which is also a risk these days. We will also advise you to follow basic precautions like washing hands, doing exercises especially breathing exercises, having vitamin–c-rich fruits and vegetables, taking steam and drinking decoction and if you want, you can also take vitamin-c and other essential supplements recommended by the doctor. 

Best Meals for COVID Recovery: 

This diet plan for covid patient includes one of the best meals for covid patients. People with mild covid symptoms can definitely fight back this virus if they take all the essential supplements and medicines. The meals for covid patient can play a vital role to win against the coronavirus. You just need to be positive and do whatever is necessary.

1.  Best Meals for COVID patient:

Once you are infected, and experiencing symptoms, it is best to have protein and calorie-rich foods. It is strictly important to avoid any fat loss diet plan. Foods that are rich in protein and energy are besan cheela, uttapam, Rava upma, moong daal khichadi, moong daal cheela, oats with milk, rice kheer, omelette, well-cooked sprouts, quinoa pulao, vegetable Dalia, barley khichdi, palak paneer, grilled paneer, rajgira or amaranth laddoo, scrambles eggs, butter or jam sandwich and moong daal cutlets. 

2.      Avoid non-vegetarian food:

It is good to avoid any type of non-vegetarian dishes because non-vegetarian food takes a lot of time and energy to get digested. And this is not good for a COVID patient because this can also lead to food poisoning, so it is better to just stick with vegetarian healthy protein and energy-rich dishes. Loss of taste or change of taste is a common symptom, therefore; trying different options for your meal can help the patient eat properly. But if you want, you can have properly cooked chicken soup, thigh fillets, and chicken breast.  

3.  Foods to increase hydration:

It is possible that the covid patient feels dehydrated, so it is important that along with the diet plan for covid patient they also take enough fluid. Fluids are great to keep your system energetic and hydrated. Having enough fluid helps to maintain energy and protein in their diet. Fluids for hydration are daal water, barley water, turmeric and black pepper warm water, whey water, milkshakes (it should be at room temperature) ORS, lemon water and lemon ginger tea. You can also have some other drink options to enhance the taste and nutrition like lemon and honey warm water, fresh coconut water, vegetable soups and juices, green tea or herbal tea, chicken or vegetable stock, and bone broth. Do not drink cold water, always drink warm water. 

4.  Essential Supplements for covid patients:

Along with a good diet plan for covid patients, they need to take some important supplements. So, two important supplements are vitamin –E and Vitamin – D. These two vitamins are fat-soluble vitamins which mean it is best to consume these vitamins along with foods that are rich in fat like ghee, butter and dry fruits. Make sure you take only the suggested amount of the supplements after discussing it with your doctor through online appointments or calls. Other essential supplements are vitamin – C, zincovit which are great to increase your immunity. You just need to remember one thing, avoid consuming zinc supplements with citric acid-rich foods because when zinc ions bind with citric acid this restrict the release.

5.  Remember, these tips while taking care of the covid patient:

Do not ignore the choices of the covid patient. In this condition, loss of smell and taste is common, and taking care of their food choice can help them stay positive. If the patient is not able to chew food, it is better to give them foods like mashed potatoes, milkshakes, Dalia, soft moong daal cutlets, pumpkin soup, soft idli, khichadi, butter and milk, potato soup, cream soups, soft whole wheat bread with butter or jam. You can also mix some dry fruit powder in the milkshakes like pista powder, almond powder, flaxseed powder, and walnut powder along with dates. 

How to increase the platelets count drop? 

According to the research, papaya leaf juice works wonder to increase platelet count. If you are infected, having papaya leaf extract can help the patient increase their platelet count.

You can buy papaya leaf extract from the market, in case you do not have access to papaya leaf. You need to add honey in 50 ml of papaya extract and give this to the patient for at least one to three days.

Note: You need to first consult your doctor before you give the above remedy to the patient, and if the doctor allows only, then you should give this remedy to the patient.

Foods that can cause food poisoning are:

1.  Unpasteurised milk.

2.  Uncooked sprouts.

3.  Uncooked chicken, eggs and mutton.

4.  White cheese

5.  Raw or uncooked fish

6.  Raw salads.

Try to avoid all these foods because when you are already suffering from covid symptoms, you must avoid food poisoning. Also, make sure you wash your hand every time you eat something.

If you are experiencing a throat infection, it is good to gargle with Betadine at least 3 times. Always use warm water to gargle whether it’s Betadine or turmeric water. Also, one should definitely inhale the steam, minimum of 3 times a day even if you are not infected even then you should do this.

If there is a covid patient at home and you are taking care of that patient, make sure you wear a double mask while going near to the patient and other family members are also taking precautions. Do not get emotional you need to be practical during this pandemic and think wisely.These are general precaution and tips on a covid patient diet plan and precaution you should take during this pandemic time. It best to always discuss these things with your doctor through an online appointment and call before you do something.

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