Slipped Disc Treatment Without Surgery in Ayurveda

Slipped disc problem is one of the most common issues amongst the people who sit for long hours. And therefore, understanding the root cause of it is the most important part before you jump to a solution for “slipped disc treatment without surgery“. 

If you are suffering from sciatica, in most the cases, you can expect to recover within a period of two weeks with physiotherapy session and home exercise, but most of the time this can happen only if you slipped disc stage is at the initial stage. 

In most cases, the patient’s of a slipped disc are ignorant towards their problem, which leads to extreme problems, and in such cases, curing slipped disc problem becomes complex. 

With the latest physiotherapy equipment’s and advanced treatment techniques, you can treat your slipped disc with conservative treatments and avoid surgery. But in case your problem is extreme then you can go for other herbal treatment for slipped disc, which can cure slipped disc problem without causing any side-effects.

When the Chances of Slipped Disc Problem Increases?

  • Though Slipped disc is known to be commonly detected amongst the old age people, which is associated with degeneration also. 
  • But, now days slipped disc problem can happen to people between 15-75 years.

Slipped Disc Problem is More Prone to People Like:

  • Old age people
  • Smokers
  • People who sit for long hours every day

Slipped disc can be a complex problem if not treated properly but there are various methods which can cure slipped disc problem like ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc, such treatment does not need surgeries. 

Different Treatments for Slipped Disc Problem?

1. Slipped Disc Treatment Without Surgery

Here are a few methods and “ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc” which are used for slipped disc treatment without surgery like:

  • Core exercises
  • Electrotherapy
  • Myofascial release 
  • Endurance training
  • Taping and postural analysis and correction.

On the side, an individual plan needs to be developed for each person after a detailed assessment by an expert therapist. And, these techniques should only be done by skilled physiotherapists or under their watchful eye. 

To treat slipped disc without surgery there are treatments which can help but there aren’t many treatments which can cure an extreme case of slipped disc completely. But, there are Slipped Disc Treatment Without Surgery in Ayurveda, which can cure slipped disc problem without causing any side-effects. 

Now, let’s discuss how other treatments are used for slipped disc treatment

1. Core Exercises for Slipped Disc 

  • When it comes to a human body our core muscles play an important role in supporting and stabilizing our lower spine. One of the major reason for slipped disc is weakening of the core muscles.
  • Because if your core muscles are weak, it increases load and strain on your spine, which lead to spine pain. 
  • Hence, strengthening core muscles with the help of exercise plays an important part in the treatment of slipped disc. 
  • However, starting an exercise program without a detailed assessment can be risky and so you must consult a trained therapist.

How it’s effective? 

Core strengthening exercises help to strengthen core muscles; reducing strain on the back and improve your spine condition.

2. Electrotherapy

It is known to be like laser therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Interferential therapy (IFT) is done for instant pain relief. 

How it’s effective?

These modalities send light electrical stimulation in the muscles and are used during the initial treatment period for pain relief.

The light electrical stimulation stimulates the impacted nerve in the back which tricks your brain into blocking the pain signals. This also instigates your body to produce endorphins, which act as the body’s natural pain-relieving hormones.

3. Myofascial Release

It is a process in which a slow and sustained manual pressure is applied to your back, which helps to stretch and relax your strained back muscles.

How it’s effective: This hands-on technique helps greatly in reducing your pain. 

4. Endurance Training

In this process of slipped disc treatment, the expert work on increasing endurance and reducing fatigue in the back muscles. 

How it‘s effective: When we do the muscles contraction repeatedly for a prolonged period of time then, this helps to enhance your strength and endurance.

5. Taping or K-Tape

It is one of another type of effective methods for Slipped Disc Pain Treatment is done with the help of a cotton strip along with acrylic adhesive, which is applied to the problem area. 

How it’s effective: Taping offloads pressure from the stressed back muscles which result in immediate pain relief. It also increases blood circulation in the back which further promotes the healing process. Taping also provides support to your back and promotes healthy posture and normal function.

  •  Postural Analysis and Correction

What is your body posture on a daily basis while walking or sitting also play an important role and therefore, one should also consider getting a postural analysis and correction done. 

Bad posture leads to unnecessary strain on your back. During a postural analysis and correction, the physiotherapist analyses your posture and advises measures to correct it. This would also help reduce unwanted stress on your spine.

Once you know that you don’t need surgery to treat Slipped Disc problem, you’ll definitely for for these non-surgical treatment for slipped disc problem .

On the other side, ayurvedic herbal medicines are also available for “slipped disc treatment without surgery” any side-effects.

SureShot Ayurveda provides herbal medicines for Slipped Disc Treatment, that is made of effective healing herbs made under the observation of an expert herbalist. We assure you that if, you once used our medicines you will yourself, recommend it others.

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