How To Build The Habit Of Having Fruits And Vegetables Amongst Children?

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If you are worried that your kids are not eating healthy during their growing age, where nutrition can play a vital role it is high time to take the situation in your hands. Therefore, it is good to know some healthy foods for children’s growth. This understanding of providing foods that are best for your children’s health can improve your kids growth and overall health.

If you want to start with children’s diet, then crunchy fresh veggies and fruits are great and an important point to add in your children’s diet for better growth. Having fruits, and fresh green vegetables everyday contain essential nutrients; much needed for the outstanding developments of a child.

Once a child reaches the age to have solid foods it is best to start with fruits and vegetables. Try to eat along with them; children mostly follow, observe, learn and apply techniques.

Also, from the very beginning involving your kids with different fruits, taste of vegetables. And choose vegetables and healthy foods to prepare healthy home cooked meals. When the entire family eats foods that contain green veggies and fruits during breakfast time or even some healthy smoothies etc, it is easy to maintain a healthy diet for kids as well. 

A lot of kids avoid having fruits but if you prepare smoothies and also educate your children from a young age on how fruits and vegetables are essential for their overall health then, it is easier to avoid melodrama during the meal time.

Something Is Better Than Nothing:

It is better to have something than nothing and therefore, try to add fruits and veggies in your children’s meal, try to provide a reasonable amount of everything. Also, add other varieties of seasonal fruits as well, not just the one your kids like.

Continue to offer your child a variety of fruit and vegetables every day, and not just the type they like. Children’s serving sizes may be small and depend on their age, appetite and activity levels. Remember any amount is better than none and always try to find ways to include more.

You can also involve your children to prepare food or meals, just make sure of the precautions you need to take while working with your children’s also wait for a certain age limit so that it is easy for you to prepare meals with the help of your kids.

If you kids are small, and you want them to have fruits and vegetables, presentation can be helpful too. Children’s creative minds love to see something that is colourful, looks fun, yeah even food.  And, we surely can’t blame kids because as adults we all pay money to have well-presented meals even if the taste is average.

Also, there are some points that can be helpful for your children to develop the habit of having fruits and vegetables. 

Tips to build a habit of having fruits and vegetables among children:

1.      It is best to buy fruits that are seasonal. This will also help to explore various varieties of fruits and vegetables in different seasons. Also, it is affordable as well because seasonal fruits are much cheaper compared to fruits that are out of season.  Fruits not only taste good but they also provide essential vitamins like Vitamin-C, anti-oxidants and folic acid.

2.   Take your kids along with you whenever you go to buy vegetables and fruits to make them familiar with fresh fruits and vegetables varieties. This will also increase their knowledge related to which type of fruits and vegetables are grown in various seasons.

3.   You can involve in various activities along with your kids while finishing the day-to-day household work. One of the things you can start is to let your kids wash the vegetables and fruits you bought from the market.

4.   Nothing is more fun and exciting than having fruits and vegetables that grown by you. Therefore, if you have some space at home where you can grow a few vegetables and fruits it best to involve your kids in such activities. Let your kids water those plants everyday.

5.   You start with teaching simple recipes like preparing a salad, omelette, preparing a smoothie or simple drinks like lemon water, fruit chat, and a sandwich. These simple recipes will help your kids to understand a simple act of nurturing their own body with healthy and tasty food options.

6.   You can also start your meal with a practise of showing gratitude to the nature and people who work for the meal on your meal. A simple thank you for the meal, to the person who grew that food, the person who prepared your meal and this is a beautiful way to start your meal along with your family.

7.   In case, your kids hate having fruits or some veggies make it compulsory to have at least fruit a day for nutrition purpose and instead of being strict try to find new recipes of that particular vegetable along and prepare it along with your kids.

8.   Try to use plates with sections and try to add all types of flavours and colours in the plate that makes the meal more delicious and kids love to see colours in their plate. This also helps to add more nutrition because more colours and more flavours add more nutrition.  

Children are the upcoming generation and the future of the world, what kind of nurturing they get will play a vital role to the overall development of their body and mind.

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