What are the Salabhasana Benefits? Correct Way to Practise Salabhasana

The Salabhasana is one of the effective ways to bend your back against the natural bend. And today we will share how one can achieve Salabhasana benefits.

This backbend yoga pose can be challenging for people who do not practice yoga or do any exercises. People with the rigid body will find it difficult to move and slouch in a forward direction, and going in the opposite position can be difficult for them.

But once you start practising Salabhasana every day, you will find it really relaxing and amazing, you will feel good after practising this backbend asana.

People who are not flexible and have a rigid body structure for them, Salabhasana can be really helpful to increase their flexibility, strength and balance.

Salabhasana which is also known as Locust Pose is really helpful to stretch your back muscles, chest and spine to make you feel energized and rejuvenated. Salabhasana is an intermediate yoga asana.

The word Salabhasana is derived from the Sanskrit ‘salabha’ which means locust and ‘Asana’ means ‘posture.’ This other name for Salabhasana is Grasshopper pose.

Follow these Steps of Salabhasana (Locust Pose) –

Steps 1: Lay on your abdomen, place hands by your side.

Steps 2: Inhale; lift your legs and upper torso.

Steps 3: Use inner thighs and lift legs upwards don’t bend your knees.


Shalabhasana Steps

  1. Lie down on the floor (on your belly) and keep your arms along the side of the body.
  2. Now, you need to lift your upper torso and legs while inhaling.
  3. Make sure that your knees are straight while you are trying to lift your legs upward.
  4. Your palms should be facing downwards, and your arms should rest alongside your body.
  5. Make sure that your body weight is resting on your lower ribs, pelvis and belly.
  6. Try to hold Salabhasana posture for a few breaths and then bring your legs and head down to the floor.  
  7. At last, come back to your starting position and repeat this posture for two to three times.


  1. Salabhasana is beneficial to reduce excessive fat and to tone the abdominal muscles. 
  2. It is helpful to strengthen your back muscles. 
  3. Salabhasana is helpful to replenish your entire spinal cord and also repair it. 
  4. Salabhasana is helpful to rectify neck pain, strengthen neck muscles and to repair defects in the neck joints. 
  5. It involves stretching, which is helpful to improve digestion problem and to improve activities related to the intestines. 
  6. Its benefits to treat urinary disorders. 
  7. Salabhasana is helpful to strengthen the reproductive system. 
  8. Salabhasana is helpful to strengthen the uterus. 
  9. Salabhasana is helpful to regulate a normal cycle and to cure problems related to menstruation.
  10. Salabhasana helps to strengthen hip bones and decreases the excessive thigh muscles. 
  11. Salabhasana is also helpful to treat the constipation problem. 

Precautions related to Salabhasana are: 

  • People who are suffering from a slip disc problem, Sciatica Pain or acute back pain should not practise Salabhasana.
  • Women who are pregnant should not practice Salabhasana.
  • People who have high blood pressure problem should not practice Salabhasana to avoid suffocation.

In case you are planning to practise Salabhasana, make sure you follow the steps to practise this asana correctly without making any mistakes.

Also, make sure that you do not practice Salabhasana in case you are facing the above-mentioned precautions.

Do share these “Salabhasana benefits” and the correct way of practising this asana with the people who want to achieve the benefits related to this yoga pose.

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