Change These Lifestyle Habits To Prevent Brain Stroke!

Prevent Brain Stroke

Your lifestyle can change a lot about your health. People who live a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to develop various health problems compared to people who live a healthy lifestyle. 

Therefore, today we will discuss some of the lifestyle habits that can increase the risk of brain stroke and you should stop doing this. 

Brain stroke occurs when the blood supply to different parts of your brain gets disrupted. This can cause serious harm to your brain tissue because when the blood supply is disrupted, this also restricts the nutrients and oxygen supply to your brain that further causes stroke. 

There are many lifestyle habits that can increase the risk of brain strokes, like less physical activity, lack of proper nutrition, stress, and excess consumption of unhealthy foods. 

Change these Lifestyle Habits to Prevent Stroke: 

1.      Contraceptive pills:

You might find this shocking, but according to a study taking contraceptive pills can increase the chances of a brain stroke. This puts women at the risk of stroke because having a contraceptive patch or pills contains oestrogen hormone and this can increase the risk of brain stroke.

2.      Smoking:

People who smoke are at higher risk of developing brain stroke, respiratory and heart problems. It is even written on the packet that it is injurious to your health and it harms your body. Therefore, it is important to change this habit to prevent the risk of brain stroke. 

3.      Less physical activity:

People who do not exercise at all or are overweight are prone to develop health problems compared to others who are physically active. If you do not exercise at all, this will increase your risk of developing a heart stroke. Therefore, it is beneficial to exercise and eat healthy to prevent yourself from various health problems. 

4.      Too much alcohol consumption:

If you are consuming over two drinks, this can cause high blood pressure problems. Especially binge drinking alcohol can raise your blood pressure levels. Women who consume more than 6 units of alcohol in a single session comes under the binge drinking category and men who drink 8 units of alcohol in one session comes under the binge-drinking category. 

However, other reasons that can cause brain stroke or increase the risk of brain stroke are high cholesterol, hypertension, age, gender, family history, irregular heartbeats, diabetes and atrial fibrillation, 

Treat within First Few Hours: 

If someone suffers from a stroke, the first thing you can do is to get to the nearest hospital as soon as possible because it is extremely important to act immediately. In this situation, every minute is essential and you need to act immediately within the first few hours. 

After the onset, if ischemic stroke, the doctor needs to restore the blood flow to the brain as soon as they can. 

Certain procedures include medications to deliver medications directly to the brain or to remove the blood clot with the help of a stent retriever. But in some of the cases, the patient needs surgery.

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