Why Pomegranates Are “Seeds Of Hope”?


According to Harvard doctors, fruits have properties that help to fight cholesterol, heart, blood pressure problems and cancer. And today, we will discuss one such fruit, pomegranate. Pomegranate is also called the “Seeds of Hope” because of its excellent health benefits. 

If pomegranate seeds were not meant for our consumption, many of us would have worn jewellery made of these tiny crystal-like seeds. 

Pomegranate seeds are also used to prevent certain diseases and also for therapeutic benefits from ancient times. Pomegranate seeds are rich in phytochemicals that have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, good for your health. 

The beautiful red crystal-like seeds you get from pomegranate are a bundle of so many health benefits and nourishment. 

Pomegranate seeds contain immunity boosting and healing properties and therefore pomegranate seeds are used in ancient times for medicinal purposes. 

The sweet-tart flavour of pomegranate seeds tastes like heaven and is packed with essential nutrients that are good for your heart health. The powerful antioxidants in pomegranate seeds prevent inflammation. 

Pomegranate fruit trees are known as Punica granatum trees, and these trees can be found in India, China, Middle East, Afghanistan, Russia, Japan, Iran and the United States. 

However, according to Harvard Medical experts, not many Americans know about pomegranate. 

According to Julia Zumpano, the registered dietician of Cleveland Clinic, pomegranate seeds are great for people who want to lose weight because pomegranate seeds are high in nutrition and low in calories. 

6 Health Benefits of Pomegranate seeds are:

 1. Cancer-fighting properties:

Pomegranate seeds can prevent your cells from the damage caused by pollution, cigarette smoke, toxins. The beneficial life-saving properties of pomegranate seeds prevent and repair DNA damage that can cause cancer. You can also add pomegranate seeds to plant-based diets like the Mediterranean diet. 

2. Lower bad cholesterol level:

Pomegranate seeds help to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), and also help to regulate blood pressure levels. The best way to have pomegranate is to have it in the raw form instead of making a juice or mixing it with something else. If you want to get maximum nutrients and the fiber-rich properties, it is best to have pomegranate seeds as it is. 

3. May help treat prostate health:

According to a study of Clinical Cancer Research, men who consume nearly eight ounces of pomegranate juice daily, their PSA levels were stable, which is beneficial in prostate cancer treatment. Pomegranate seeds can help to stabilise the prostate-specific antigen or PSA levels in men that are suffering from prostate cancer. 

4. Prevent cancer:

According to some research, pomegranate seeds are filled with properties that inhibit the movement of cancer cells and also weaken their attraction to a chemical signal that promotes the spread of cancer. It is also found, that pomegranate consumption can reduce the growth of prostate cancer. “But it should be noted that the studies examined pomegranate juice in the context of a healthy plant-based diet.” 

5. Good for heart health:

As per the research, the powerful antioxidants properties in pomegranate seeds are linked to the reduction of bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels. As per a study on Israel men’s, it is helpful to reduce cholesterol levels because the antioxidants in pomegranate help to reduce the plaque built up in the vessels. The study shows positive results in mice who had pomegranate to prevent atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease that causes the build-up of cholesterol, fats and other substances that can cause blockage on the artery walls and further block the blood vessels. 

6. Good for pregnant women:

It is good to have a healthy diet, especially when you are pregnant because you are eating for two and as per a trial conducted by Harvard doctors, that there are potential utero neuroprotectant effects of maternal dietary supplements with pomegranate juice. This can also reduce the risk of brain injury in IUGR infants that were given pomegranate juice instead of other things. Also, the study suggests that having a nearly right ounce of pomegranate juice rich in polyphenol is good to be consumed during pregnancy to prevent the risk of foetal ductal constriction. 

A half-cup of pomegranate contains 12 grams of sugar, 3.5 grams of fiber and 72 calories and to get all the benefits, it is best to have pomegranate seeds as it is, do not make juice or something else. If you are giving it to children, then you can prepare a juice and make it thick without removing the pulp of pomegranate seeds. 

No doubt, there are so many people who love pomegranate and at least have one special memory in their hearts. Pomegranate can be nostalgic for those who always had pomegranate peeled by their grandmothers and mothers when they were kids. Fruits are great for your health and having one seasonal fruit a day is superb for your overall health and digestion process.

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