Plums look exactly like their name. These fruits are great at regulating blood pressure, digestion and to improve bone health and so much more. If you are having a cup of plum, it has nearly 76 calories.

Plums have so many other benefits, like adiponectin, fiber, and probiotics, that are helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. Adding plums to your diet, especially in the peak season, is a way to fight free radical damage because plums are rich in antioxidants.

If you are someone who likes the distinct taste of plum, you will be happy to know the health benefits of plum. Plum is great for people who are diabetic because this fruit contains less sugar and is rich in essential minerals, fiber, and vitamins. You can also have plums in the raw form or with yoghurt and cereals.

Plums that are grown in the United States are of purple and red colour and the inside is juicy yellow and red colour. However, you can find various colours and types of plums. The purple plums are sweeter than the red plums because red plums have a sweet-tart flavour.

5 Health Benefits of Plums:

1. Maintain blood pressure level:

According to a study, people who had 3 grams of plum extract every day were able to control their blood pressure level within three months, compared to others who did not have something else instead of plums. Plums are rich in potassium that helps to maintain the blood pressure levels because potassium eliminates the excess sodium content in your body through urine and potassium also helps relax the tension in your blood vessel walls that helps to reduce blood pressure levels.

2. Rich in antioxidants:

Plums are an excellent source of powerful antioxidants that prevent your system from the damage of free radicals. You should consume foods that help to fight free radical damage because over time this type of damage can lead to arthritis, dementia, cancer and diabetes. Plums are rich in various other essential nutrients, like tocopherols, vitamin C, and beta-carotene.

3. Improve bone health:

Taking care of your bone health is important and therefore having foods that are rich in potassium, vitamin k, magnesium along with minerals and vitamins is essential for you. You can also have dry plums if you want because even dry plums are filled with all the essential nutrients that are good for you. Plums are good options to have if you want to prevent your system from the loss of bone minerals to support bone structure. So, you do not have to face complications when you age because of weak bones.

4. Maintain blood sugar levels:

People who are diabetic are prone to develop chronic health problems like kidney damage, cardiovascular diseases and so many other health problems if the person does not control the blood sugar levels. A cup of plums contains 8% RDI and fiber that is good to maintain blood sugar levels. Plums are great for your gut health because they are rich in prebiotic and promote good bacteria and bring a balance of gut bacteria. 

5. Treat constipation:

Fruits are great for you and especially for your digestive system because they are high in fiber and easy for you to digest. You do not feel like sleeping after having fruits, you feel energetic and this is a sign of healthy food. Foods that work as fuel to your body are best for you. Have more foods that provide energy, instead of draining energy from your system. Plums are great for treating constipation because they are high in fiber that bulk up stool and ease the process of passing stool.

According to a small study, having 200 ml of plum juice daily for a minimum of four weeks helps to increase the adiponectin hormone. Adiponectin hormone helps to regulate the blood sugar level and also, as we mentioned earlier, plums are low in sugar compared to other fruits that make plums low in GI (Glycemic index) that also helps to maintain blood sugar levels.  

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