What is Melasma? Melasma Symptoms, Causes & Herbal Face Pack!


Melasma happens due to many reasons but one of the prevalent cause is pregnancy and therefore it is also known as “the mask of pregnancy.” The reason behind this is the changes in hormones that happen during pregnancy. 

However, the condition is more common in pregnant women but that does not mean it would not happen to other females or men. Melasma problem can happen to anyone. 

According to Dr Shadi Kourosh, who is a director of Pigmentary Disorder and Multi-Ethic Skin Clinic at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, “It’s not only associated with pregnancy, but can affect women at all stages of life, and it may last for many years.”

And, Dr Barbara Gilchrest who is a senior lecturer on dermatology at Harvard Medical School said, “Women who develop melasma in their teens or 20s or 30s may see it stay around for decades.”

Why it is difficult to treat Melasma problem?

Though Melasma is a skin problem which does not cause pain, health risk or extreme suffering but still it can be mentally challenging for people because it might cause social distress.

The reason that it can be difficult to treat is because of the misinformation about Melasma, and what causes Melasma.

As per the American Academy of Dermatology, people with darker skin complexion are more likely to develop Melasma symptoms because their skin naturally has more active pigment-producing cells.

But, this does not mean that all the people with darker skin will get this skin problem, Melasma only happens when these cells become hyperactive and start producing more pigment than it is necessary for the certain area of our skin.

Melasma also has genetic component, as it often runs families.

Here are the prevalent causes of Melasma:

Fluctuation in certain hormones can lead to Melasma problem. That is why it mainly occurs in women who are pregnant and going through hormonal changes.

Melasma can also occur when you stop or start taking hormonal contraception which includes birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy.

Another thing that may lead to Melasma is direct sun exposure because the sun can be a huge triggering cause of Melasma.

As per Dr Kurosh, “Underlying factors such as hormonal changes may not manifest until a person goes on vacation to a southern location like Florida, or during the summertime when she spends more time in the sun,” and “The sun is the major exacerbating factor, whatever the underlying cause.”

Another thing about Melasma causes is that Melasma not only happens due to sun exposure or rays but also due to visible light or heat.

And, this means that one would not able to prevent plasma even if you apply a sunscreen which protects from skin cancer. It is difficult to treat Melasma, especially in summers.

How to find the cause of Melasma:

The step is to get sure that the dark patches are due to Melasma. And, try to identify the actual cause behind it.

If you want to treat Melasma without knowing the root cause, Melasma treatment would not be effective.  

According to Dr Kourosh,“Even the oral treatments that now exist for severe cases of melasma are really pointless to do if there are still triggers in place,” and “We take a thorough medical history to find out what’s causing the Melasma.”

Sometimes the reason behind Melasma can be hormonal contraceptive and therefore a woman who is suffering from such problem should go for other treatments like copper intrauterine device which is a non-hormonal option.

Here some tropical methods and medication to treat Melasma:

There are some tropical retinoid and retinol treatments, which are applied to the skin to help speed your body’s natural cell turnover process.

Some of the medical experts may also prescribe bleaching agents like hydroquinone, which helps to block the production of melanin.

But, it is important to not buy or use such products without consulting your doctor and apply this product only on the affected area where you see dark patches.

These methods help to get rid of the dark patches more quickly, as they take more time to go on their own.

“Higher concentrations of hydroquinone can cause white spots to develop on the skin,” as per Dr Barbara Gilchrest who is a senior lecturer on dermatology at Harvard.

On the other side, in some cases, there are some medications which may cause darkening of the skin. So, there are some other tropical lightening agents like azelaic or kojic acid to treat Melasma.

Other Melasma treatments also but they are not reliably helpful like skin micro-needling, chemical peels, and laser treatments.  

How to protect Melasma from the sun?

According to Dr Kourosh, “The sun is stronger than any medicine I can give you,” so it is critical to prevent your skin from sunlight and to stop the aggravating condition happens due to sun exposure.

As per Dr Kourosh shared, one of the most important ways to treat melasma is using sunscreen. But you need to keep one thing very clear in your mind that it should not be any ordinary sunscreen here you need a sunscreen which not only prevents sun’s rays but also protect you from heat and light.  

Such sunscreen includes ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc because other chemical sunscreens don’t offer the same protection for Melasma problem. It is better to not use those sunscreens because it may lead to skin allergy or reactions that can make Melasma problem even worse.

SureShot Ayurvedic treatment for Melasma:

  • If you need a treatment to treat dark patches on your face, then Ayurvedic herbal face pack for Melasma can play a vital role to heal your skin without causing any further chemical reaction due to harsh products. 
  • In Ayurveda, they use essential herbs which control the damage like skin pigmentation leads to Melasma symptoms like Manjistha. Manjistha is a herb which helps to purify your blood and increase blood circulation, this herb is mainly used for all types of skin-related problems. 
  • And like Manjistha there are other essential herbs which will help you to achieve healthy, clear skin. 
  • And to treat Melasma we use 100% natural herbal face pack with no added-chemical or side effects to treat Melasma (dark spots).
  • Along with the herbal powder we also give herbal powder for daily consumption.

Once you start using SureShot herbal face pack and herbal powder to treat Melasma you will not be disappointed with the result.

Our SureShot team will also suggest you avoid some of the foods for faster healing and to improve your overall health.

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