Why Is It Important To Exercise? Cons of Not Doing So!


As per the recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on January 2020.   15% of the American People do not engage in any sort of physical activity. And following this type of lifestyle may lead to negative outcomes on your overall health.  

According to Lynn Marie Morski, MD, board-certified family medicine and sports medicine physician “There are many types of exercise, and all of them have benefits for your health, and conversely, the lack of each type can have a different negative impact if someone neglects that type.” 

Dr. Morski says, “Evidence suggests that a sedentary lifestyle may even more strongly predict mortality than some causes with well-known associations to mortality, like smoking and high blood pressure.” 

If a person does not follow any exercise regime and has an inactive lifestyle, this will increase the chances of developing life-threatening conditions. 

5 Cons of Not Exercising:


When you exercise, your heart is at a high demand to pump blood to all the working muscles of your body and it also helps to improve your cardiovascular health. 

“Aerobic exercise has been shown to improve circulation, blood pressure and cardiac output, which is a measure of how well the heart is pumping blood to the rest of the body,” – said Dr. Morski.

When we exercise, it provides a stimulus to our heart, which strengthens your heart. And when you exercise like other muscles, even your heart responds to the strain from a workout. 

As per Dr Monski, “Increased sedentary time has been associated in recent studies with features of metabolic syndromes, like increased waist circumference and insulin resistance.

Dr. Morski said, “It has even been found to have an association with increased cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality, as well as an elevated risk of type 2 diabetes.”


According to the January 2020 study, published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, when we do physical activities like aerobics our brain ageing declines. And, when you do not follow a regime with exercise, your brain is more vulnerable with the age-related side effects. 

Also, when we exercise daily, this helps our brain to improve memory power and enhance learning ability. .


In the year 2018, a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, and according to that study, that if a person is being inactive for over three hours in a day, the chances of developing depressive symptoms increases. 

In some other study, increased levels of sedentary lifestyle or behaviour lead to a decreased level of mental health. And these effects have been seen among healthy adults as well. 

Joints and Bones: 

Many people get joint or bone injury while doing regular workouts, playing sports, or while doing dance or other sorts of intense physical activities. But this happens because of the wrong techniques and postures. So, when you do physical exercise or play sports or anything else, you need to keep your technique right, so keeping this in mind you can avoid bones or joint injury. 

As per Dr. Morski, “Weight-bearing exercise has been shown to help stave off osteopenia and osteoporosis,” Dr. Morski says. “And maintaining flexibility can help prevent injuries from falls and keep individuals able to perform daily activities much longer.”

In the year 2018, Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal published research, they found that parts of our body, indulge in weight-bearing exercises, had a reduction in bone mass loss. 


As per the study published by the International Journal of Obesity in the year 2017, when you sit for long hours don’t indulge in any type of physical activities, it leads to a larger waistline. 

Not only this, when you follow an inactive lifestyle then it also increases the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. 

When you don’t follow an active regime on a daily basis, your ability to burn calories also decreases. 

And, therefore when you burn fewer calories compared to a person who exercises daily.  This leads to a lot of health problems including weight gain, increases the chances of developing insulin resistance, further leads to high blood sugar levels and other health problems.  


According to a 2017 review published in Sedentary Behaviour Epidemiology, researchers observed a link between the increased risk of several cancer types and following a sedentary lifestyle. 

Though the researchers haven’t found all the points related to risk factors of cancer. But one thing which has become clear is that if a person does not exercise their chances of getting some types of cancer increases. 

If you don’t want to develop side-effects related to an inactive lifestyle, it is important for you to exercise regularly. 

A normal adult should exercise for 150 minutes (moderately intensive) in a week, following 75 minutes of vigorous cardio exercises. 

What Types of Exercise are Best for You?

Depends upon the following factors like: 

  1. Age.
  2. Any previous injury.
  3. Sex.
  4. Health problems.
  5. And your body type.

No matter what type of exercise regime you follow, one thing that you need to make sure is that you need to exercise daily. There should be no turning off and on unless you got sick or had an injury.

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