How To Do The Mayurasana And What Are Its Benefits


After looking at the image of this asana, you must be thinking that you need extreme level of arm strength to master peacock pose health benefits. But in reality, you need more core strength along with arm strength.

If you want to achieve peacock pose health benefits, you need to work on your overall strength. To practise mayurasana steps every day you need to patient and dedicated because if you are thinking that you can master this pose quickly, you are wrong.

Especially if you are a beginner, it is best to start with some preparatory poses like Eka Pada Sirsasana and Chaturanga Dandasana. You need to strengthen your body first and then start with mayurasana steps.

You can also do some follow-up yoga asana after mayurasana steps like Bhujapidasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Dwi Hasta Bhujasana, Balasana, Visvamitrasana and Eka Hasta Bhujasana.

These preparatory yoga asanas and follow-up yoga asanas will build a strong foundation. And strengthen your core muscles, hands, legs, back torso and arms. 

If you practice mayurasana steps, every day with proper technique you will be able to do this asana. 

Before you practice mayurasana steps, make sure your bowels are empty and have your food a maximum of six hours before. 

Once your body is not in the digestion process, you can use that energy to practice mayurasana

Mayurasana Steps:

  1. First, you need to sit on your heels and your knees should be wide apart. 
  2. Then, you need to put your hands on the yoga mat or the floor. Make sure your fingers are facing towards your body. 
  3. After this, you need to bend your elbows (gently) and press your elbows towards your abdomen. 
  4. Make sure that the upper parts of your feets are facing the floor, while you stretch your legs outward. 
  5. Then, you need to drop your head toward the floor and make your sure your belly is firm at this point.
  6. Then when you raise your head, make sure your buttocks are tight and your shoulder blades are firm. 
  7. While you are lifting your body weight, your hands should be parallel to the floor. 
  8. Try to hold your weight for minimum 10 second and slowly with practise you can increase this time.
  9. To release this pose, you need to bring your feet on the ground. 

Precautions Related To Mayurasana:

  1. If you are suffering from any injuries in your elbow, wrist and shoulder do not practise Mayurasana steps. If you are suffering from some health conditions like hernia, eye, nose or ear infection, heart disease, brain tumor, intestine-related problems, heart, high blood pressure, and menstruation.  
  2. If you are pregnant, do not practise this asana.
  3. If you feel unwell after practising Mayurasana steps, do not continue with this asana. 

Peacock Pose Health Benefits:

  1. This is amazing yoga asana to Detox your entire system, including the toning of your digestive organs.
  2. Mayurasana helps to treat fevers and tumours. 
  3. Mayurasana benefits to improve blood circulation in your abdominal area that further helps to strengthen your abdominal area.
  4. Practising Mayurasana also helps to provide energy to your liver, intestines, pancreas, stomach and spleen.
  5. This asana is also good for people who are suffering from diabetes problem. 
  6. This Peacock Pose health benefits also includes the toning and strengthening of your reproductive organs. 
  7. This yoga asana helps to improve your body posture.
  8. Peacock Pose is helpful to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  9. This yoga asana is good to improve the coordination and concentration level of your body and mind. 

We hope that now when you are aware of the amazing health benefits of Peacock Pose, you will definitely put your dedication to achieve Mayurasana benefits. Also, it advisable to keep a check on the precautions related to this yoga asana.

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