How To Improve Eye Health With Yoga Asanas?


We are living in a time where kids are not doing 10% physical activities that they used to do a decade ago. Today’s kids are sitting indoors on their laptops, phones, and various gadgets like iPod, PlayStation, etc. And, all they do is sit at a place and play games on the phone, watch videos. 

This is leading to vision problems at an early age. And, not only kids, but many adults are also facing the same issues because of the excessive stress they are putting on their eyes. 

To improve your eye health, you can do simple yoga asanas to reduce the excess stress and to improve the overall health of various parts of your body. 

In yoga, many asanas are helpful to treat eye problems like short or long-sightedness. 

Not only, these yoga asanas are helpful to improve eyesight but also help to treat hypermetropia, myopia conditions. 

Yoga asanas to improve eye health:

1.  Blinking: 

·         In this yoga asana, you need to sit with closed eyes and sit quietly. Then breathe deeply to feel relaxed. 

·         Then you need to rub your palms in a way that helps to warm your palms. Once your palms are warm, you need to place them on your eyelids. 

·         Once you keep your palms on your eyelids, you will feel the warmth. 

·         This asana helps to relax your eye muscles. 

·         Do this asana until the heat in your palms is absorbed by your eyes. 

·         You can repeat this process at least three times. 

2.  Eye rotation: 

·         In this asana you need to sit straight and then place your hands on your lap. 

·         Then, you need to rotate your eyes, clockwise and anti-clockwise, for at least 5 to 10 minutes. 

·         While doing this, make sure you do not move your head and your spine is erect. 

3.  Up down movement:

·         In this yoga asana, you need to stand straight on a yoga mat or flat floor. 

·         After this, you need to look at the sky or ceiling, if indoors. And then look down towards the floor and then again look towards the sky. 

·         You can repeat this at least 10 times. But make sure you do not blink during this process. 

·         Then, at last, close your eyes and gently press them against your palms. 

4.  Bharmari pranayama: 

·         In this yoga asana, you need to sit in a crossed leg position. 

·         Then, you need to close your ears and eyes (press lightly) with the help of your thumbs. 

·         You need to place your index finger in between your eyebrows and your little finger and ring finger should be at the base of your nostrils. 

·         After this, try to focus on the centre of your eyebrows. 

·         While doing this asana, you need to hold your breath for 2 to 3 seconds and then exhale. When you are exhaling, you need to produce a humming sound, and your mouth should be closed. 

·         You can repeat this asana at least 5 times. 

5.  Flexing: 

·         In this yoga asana, you need to simply sit and relax. 

·         Then you need to look in the upward direction and then rotate your eyes in the clockwise direction. 

·         Try to rotate your eyes slowly and cover all the corners. 

·         After rotating your eyes in the clockwise direction for a minute, do this process anti-clockwise for another one minute. 

6.  Focus switching: 

·         In this, you need to get a book or paper and hold it at your reading distance not too close, not too far. 

·         Then you need to cover one of the eyes by placing your palm. You can keep the covered eye open to avoid fatigue. 

·         Then, you need to trace the shape of a letter for at least 2 to 3 seconds. 

·         Then, you upwards that is at a distance of 20 feet. 

·         Then, trace that object, shape or anything for 2 to 3 seconds. 

·         While doing this, do not squint and make sure your eyes are relaxed. 

·         You need to repeat this exercise 4 to 6 times with both eyes. 

These simple yoga asanas and exercises can play a huge role to improve your eye health. 

Practising these yoga asanas every day can help to treat eye-related problems like weak eyesight, hypermetropia (a defect in your eye muscle) and myopia. 

You just need to be consistent with these exercises and you will definitely see good results after months.

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