How Army Person Lost Fat: Transformation 107 Kg To 60 Kg

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Losing weight and how to lose weight is a really common question, but knowing what works best for you to lose weight or I say to lose ‘fat’ is what you should be looking for. 

Today, we will discuss some important point which is so astonishing that people in the army hospitals are doing a practical test on these methods in order to be healthy and to lose fat.

It is a story of a 48-year-old army person who was 107 kg in January 2018 and now he weighs 70 kg, completely fit and fine. This means that he managed to lose 37 kg of fat, which is astonishing. 

Colonel Guha: A journey from 107 KG to 70 KG

Our Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has shared his concern related to the army officers weight and health-related problems. In most of his meeting with the army person’s or officers, he always encourages them to stay fit and healthy. 

Colonel Gautam is now an inspiration for the army people. “Colonel Gautam Guha” was 107 kg in the year 2018. And, due to diabetes, hypertension and heart problems, he was in the worst medical category in the army. 

And now, Colonel Guha is completely fit, he has overcome from his diabetes, hypertension and heart problem also. Now, he doesn’t need to eat medicines for any of his ailments. 

48 years old Colonel Guha weight 70 kg now. He not only reduced 37 kg but he is no more in the unfit category. 

Army hospitals in Jaipur: Working on his methods to reduce fat

In Jaipur, his methods are being applied to 400 people under a pilot project. 

An army person think that he is the fittest person in the world!

Colonel Gautam shared that in the year 2008 when in Mumbai attack happened, he was also the part of that operation. He said that every army person thinks that he is the fittest person in the world because their lifestyle is like that. He further shared that in 2013 he met with an injury in his backbone and after this, my weight increased continuously. 

In the year 2015, I was 100 kg and then, I was surrounded by all kinds of diseases. 

To reduce my weight I tried all types of tactics, whatever somebody told me to drink, I did. Even I used to walk for many kilometres, I ate many types of medicines but even then nothing happened. 

Then in the year 2018, my weight increased to 108 kg, after this, I read a lot of research from different countries. And, then I understood that the gym is important but 70% improvement depends upon our diet.

Colonel Gautam shares various methods to other army people, on fitness and losing fat, in various army programs.  

Methods revealed by Colonel Guha, that he used to lose so much weight:

1. Your hormone level needs to be balanced or correct because obesity is caused due to the hormonal disturbances. 

2. The focus should be on reducing fat instead of reducing weight. 

3. One area, where we need to pay attention is our kitchen, Refined oil and hydrogenated oil should not enter your kitchen. 

Alternatives – Ghee, butter, coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil can be used. 

4. If your cholesterol is high then, try to eat anti-oxidants rich foods.

5. Sweetening off does not eliminate diabetes, stop eating all those food products, with a high amount of glucose. 

6. Counting calories and then burning those calories in the gym or otherwise does not help. You need to see the quality of the calories, because in reality 300 calorie salad is good, and ice cream of the same calorie is bad. 

7. Start fasting: People aged 30 to 60 years should fast for 14 hours. If dinner is eaten at 9 pm, then on the next day, you should have your meal at 11 am. Similarly, the fasting time for those above 60 years is 12 hours. 

8. Eat food maximum two or three times. Eat food only when hungry. 

9. You should understand that, when you need to eat, and is the right food to eat so that you do not feel hungry again and again. 

10. Good sleep is necessary. Adult people need at least 7-8 hours and those above 60 years of age need 8-9 hours of sleep. 

11. The secret of staying fit is hidden in 70% diet, 10% in exercise, 10% in fasting and 10% in good and stress-free sleep. 

As per reports, he shared few methods that actually helped him to lose weight and now if have all these secrets to study upon. Now, we leave this up to you whether you want to apply this practically or not. 

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