Benefits Of Drinking Water

drinking Water benefits

You must have heard a lot of time that drinking adequate amount of water is vital for the proper functioning of our system and when a person does not drink an adequate amount of water this leads to a lot of health problems. 

Therefore, today we will share some of the most amazing benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking water and how dehydration can impact your functioning?

1. Increase physical performance: If a person does not consume an adequate amount of water in a day this habit can hinder their physical performance. Consuming a sufficient amount of water is important especially after an intense workout or high heat. 

In general, if you lose around 2% of water content in your body then dehydration can affect your system. On the other side, this situation is not uncommon for sports person or athletes, because they can lose around 6% of their water weight just because of sweating. 

If we do not drink enough water, then this may lead to problems like reduced motivation, altered body temperature and increased fatigue. Also, being dehydrated can make your workout session more difficult both mentally and physically. 

2. Dehydration affects brain functioning and energy levels: If you do not know this then this might helps you to remember that consuming sufficient amount is so necessary because when you do not do so, the functioning of your brain gets affected. 

According to some studies, if your body loses 1 to 3 per cent of body weight due to dehydration then this can impair a lot of aspects related to the functioning of our brain.

Not only this, dehydration leads to frequent headaches and even a loss of fluid around 1.4% can lead to concentration and mood impairment. Also, this affects brain performance, impair mood and memory as well both amongst children and older adults. 

3. Prevent headaches: If a person is dehydrated then this can lead to migraine and headaches in some people. As per some research, one of the common symptoms of dehydration is a headache and many studies have shown that if you drink water then you might get rid of such problems.

Though more studies and high-quality research is needed to confirm how drinking more water improves headache and reduce the frequency of headaches. 

4. Get rid of constipation: One of the most common problems occurs due to infrequent bowel movements are constipation. Therefore it is advisable to increase the fluid intake to back this up. 

It is found that not consuming enough water can be risky during constipation problem in both adults and children. Keeping yourself hydrated actually helps to reduce constipation problem. Also, it seems that mineral water is beneficial mainly for the people who are suffering from constipation problem. 

According to some studies, mineral water is rich in sodium and magnesium which helps to improve the bowel movement and improve constipation problem. 

5. Prevent and treat kidney stones: One of the prevalent causes of developing kidney stones is not drinking enough water. Kidney stones are really painful which are formed in the urinary system which are clumps of mineral crystal. 

People who have a history of kidney stones are at high risk to develop kidney stones again and not drinking an adequate amount of water will lead to the same. 

The reason it is advisable to increase the fluid intake because this will increase the volume of urine passing through the kidneys and this will also help to dilute the concentration of minerals. Drinking more fluid will also prevent the making of stones. 

6. Get rid of hangovers: Hangover mainly happens because of the consumption of alcohol which result in dehydration and what we call a hangover. Alcohol is diuretic which means alcohol takes more water compared to what you take in; results in dehydration.

Though, dehydration is not the only reason for hangover there are other symptoms like fatigue, dry mouth, thirst and headache.  

To prevent dehydration and hangover is to consume a glass of water between drinks and to consume veggies with high water content like cucumbers and you can also drink a full glass of water before they go to bed.

7. Helps to reduce weight: A person who wants to reduce weight must drink plenty of water because water helps to boost your metabolic rate and increase satiety.

There are pieces of evidence which show that increasing the fluid intake helps to reduce weight. Water increases your metabolic rate not drastically but slightly and this works because this increase the number of calories you burn in a day. 

One of the effective ways is to keep control of your overeating habit is to drink water half an hour before having your meals. This simple trick helps you to feel full and prevent you from overeating. We hope these simple seven drinking water benefits will help you to drink enough amount of water and prevent any type of health problem due to lack of water.  

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