Use These Home Remedies To Fight Viral Fever!

viral fever

Viral fever is something that can be mentally and physically traumatizing because the fever and its symptoms are rigid and take too much compared to a normal fever. 

Therefore, today we will discuss some of the best viral fever home remedies for you. Although viral fever is more common in the rainy season, it can happen in any season. 

So, it is better to be prepared before, and these viral fever home remedies will help you tackle viral fever more effectively. 

Five Effective Viral Fever Home Remedies: 

1.    Lemon juice and honey: This liquid mixture is an amazing home remedy. These two ingredients are easily available and super easy to make. You need to squeeze some lime juice (two tablespoons) and mix it with honey (two tablespoons), you can also add one tablespoon of ginger juice to make it more effective. You can consume this two to three times a day. 

2.    Coriander Tea: You all must be aware of the benefits of coriander. These amazing leaves add a beautiful refreshing taste and aroma to any dish. However, consuming coriander tea is great for people who are suffering from viral fever.

It is a great source of phytonutrient and vitamins that help to increase immunity. You just have to boil some water after adding some coriander seeds (based on how many cups you want to make) and then add milk and honey to it.

Let it simmer for a while and then strain it in a cup. You should drink coriander tea once cooled down. 

3.    Cloves and Tulsi leave: This is an amazing viral fever home remedy. Tulsi is known for its amazingly beneficial properties like antibacterial and antibiotic properties. You just need to add some fresh tulsi leaves in a bowl filled with water and then you need to add cloves in it (half tablespoon). After this, you need to boil this mixture until the water reduces to half. Then strain this mixture in a cup and drink this mixture 3 to 4 times a day. You will definitely see some progress in your conditions. 

4.    Ginger and black pepper tea: Viral fever can really drain your positivity, and all a patient wants is to feel healthy and better like before. Ginger and black pepper tea can be a helpful home remedy in viral fever. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help to treat viral fever symptoms and ginger helps to flush out the toxins from the body. You just need to prepare regular ginger tea with milk, ginger and tea leaves, and at last, you can add a little black pepper. This tea works wonders to treat viral fever symptoms. 

5.    Rich starch: This viral fever home remedy is great for adults and children. You need to cook rice until it is half cooked and when you notice that the rice is half cooked you need to strain the rice starch water. Then you need to consume this rice starch water instantly when it is warm to get the effect instantly. Rice water starch works like a diuretic agent that helps to improve metabolism rate, and this works even better amongst adults and children.

If you are worried about the side-effect, you do not have to worry about this because these home remedies are safe for you. However, if you are taking some medication, it is better to consult your doctor and only then go for such viral fever home remedies. 

We hope if you or anyone else is suffering from viral fever these home remedies help you and your loved ones to get recover soon.

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