Here Are The Risk Factors Related To Asthma You Must Know!


Understanding the Asthma risk factors can be helpful for people who are suffering from this breathing problem because experiencing an asthma attack is a horrifying experience. So, educating yourself about the asthma attack risk and factors that lead to asthma problem can be helpful to prevent such health problems. 

Many people who are not aware of the asthma risk factors often want to understand the severity of this problem. Asthma problem can also lead to an asthma attack which is a severe condition and when this happens the patient experience breathlessness. When a person experiences asthma attacks, their lungs do not get enough oxygen, and that leads to breathing problem. 

It is important to follow everything that is suggested by your doctor, and it is also important to get treatment for your asthma problem as soon as possible. Delaying the symptoms of asthma will only make your problem worse.

Here are the Symptoms of Asthma: 

1.  You may feel tightness in your chest.

2.  You may start wheezing and coughing. 

3.  You may find it difficult to breathe. 

4.  Shortness of breath is also common.

If the symptoms of asthma are mild your asthma attack may last for a few minutes, but in some severe condition you may experience the above symptoms for a long time and you may need a medical emergency. 

You need to seek Medical Emergency if:

1.  If you feel no relief after inhaling the inhaler. 

2.  If you feel shortness of breath or wheezing for more than a few minutes and it is getting worse with time.

3.  If you are not able to say something due to the lack of oxygen. 

4.  If you are straining hard because of a breathing problem.

Understand asthma risk factors will be helpful for you to understand when you need immediate medical help and when you just need to calm down and take your regular medication or inhaler, as suggested by the doctor. 

Here are some Warning Signs Related to Asthma: 

1.  If you are not able to sleep at night due to your symptoms. 

2.  You are using an inhaler more often than you should.

3.  Your asthma symptoms are becoming more prominent and disturbing your daily work and routine.

Always remember that you, your love ones, anyone who is suffering from asthma problem should always carry their medications or inhale with them. And if possible, keep one extra inhaler for emergency reasons. Also, it is best to keep all the necessary emergency numbers in your phone safe, even better if you remember these numbers. 

You can also use some phone application to monitor your asthma problem and to keep in touch with your doctors as soon as your symptoms get severe. These apps are useful for the doctor as well to monitor their patient’s condition easily.

Some Studies Related To Asthma are: 

·         As per the American Lung Association, the death rate related to asthma problem increases with age. 

·         As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths amongst women are more than men because of asthma.  

·         As per World Health Organisation, mostly people who belong from low-middle-income countries prone to asthma-related deaths.

How to Prevent Asthma Attack?

1.  Not ignoring the treatment related to your asthma condition as suggested by your doctors. Also, going for a checkup to check whether your treatment is doing any good to your condition or not.

2.  To get a better idea of your asthma condition, you can make a copy of the plan or treatment details on your phone to check it whenever you want. Also, it is better to keep the names of the medications on your phone. And always carrying an extra inhaler. 

3.  It is better to share your condition with your family, friends and close mates so that they can help you better during an attack. 

4.  Some common triggers can lead to an asthma attack. So, it is better to understand what triggers your condition. Some conditions that can lead to asthma attack are cold weather, air pollution, pet dander, allergens, pollen, smoke, respiratory disease, perfumes, irritants, exercise, dust, cold and flu. All these triggering points vary from person to person.

5.  Do not miss your appointments with your health expert to see your recovery and the progress you have made. In case, there are a few things that making your condition much better, the doctor can suggest changes as per your condition to make your condition much better than before. This also helps the doctor to tackle whether the treatment is going in the right direction or not. 

This will save your time and money and will also prevent you from a severe health condition. It is better to prevent yourself more during the winters because maximum numbers of death from asthma happen in cold weather. 

You can reduce the risk of death by following your treatment and medications properly and keeping a check on your diet. No matter what problem you have, the type of food you eat always has an impact on your recovery. 

Ask your doctor regarding some of the breathing exercises, if your doctor approves of a few breathing exercises it will be great for you. There are so many yoga asanas and other breathing exercises that help to strengthen the respiratory system and improve your lungs’ capacity. 

Do not completely depend on your doctor, if you want to recover from asthma problem or reduce the severe symptoms from mild symptoms, it is best to work together as a team. This will keep you motivated and prevent any mistakes related to the treatment.

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