These 6 High Protein Simple Khichdi Recipes Are What You Need!


When we talk about comfort food or foods that you can have even when you are sick, the first thing that comes to your mind is khichdi. 

The reason doctors advise you to have it even when you are sick is that this is a protein-rich, light to stomach type of food. 

This is a simple, satisfying and really nourishing recipe that you can prepare with two to three ingredients. Khichdi is also prepared on festive occasions where you get to eat khichdi prepared with various side dishes. You can add tadka to enhance the taste whenever you feel like having khichdi, whether you’re sick or not. 

There are no strict recipes to prepare khichdi. You can add various veggies, or prepare khichdi with other ingredients like sprouts and oats, etc. 

Even if you are a student or bachelor who lives outside in a different city, these 6 simple and quick protein-rich khichdi options could be your go-to hunger recipe. 

Khichdi helps to improve metabolism and is rich in protein and other nourishing ingredients to fill your stomach with goodness. 

High Protein Rich Khichdi Recipes: 

1.      Oats Khichdi:

Yes, you can prepare khichdi with oats. If you do not like having oats and milk, you might like these oats khichdi recipe. When it comes to nutrition and time, all the recipes we are going to share our chartbuster. Less time, more nourishment. Oats khichdi is a rich source of protein and fulfilling for you to survive until the next meal. It is even better to have curd along with khichdi, not only does it taste good with khichdi, but also an excellent source of protein and good bacteria. 

2.      Khili Khichdi:

This khichdi recipe is a combination of three types of lentils. This is a good option for people who are on a diet. Also, people who want to prepare something that takes less time but is also good for their health. 

3.      Pigeon pea:

This is a protein-fibre rich khichdi that is popular in various households. Pigeon peas (arhar dal) khichdi is a rich source of protein and fibre that helps to prevent snacking in between meals. Also, 5his khichdi is rich in essential vitamins like K, C and E. 

4.      Sprouts Khichdi:

Sprouts are great for your health and many people like to have sprouts in the morning time but did you know you can prepare khichdi with sprouts? Yes, sprouts khichdi is a rich source of protein and you can also add soya chunks to add more flavour and taste. It would not take much time to prepare this khichdi recipe, hardly 10 to 15 minutes. 

5.      Porridge khichdi:

You can prepare this simple porridge khichdi at home or during breakfast time. Porridge prepared with milk is popular in almost every Indian house. You can also add some green vegetables to prepare this daliya khichdi to add more taste and nutrition. 

6.      Spinach Khichdi:

This is a delicious khichdi recipe rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and iron. You also add seasonal veggies to enhance your taste like cauliflower, carrots, veggies, and capsicum. 

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