What Running or Jogging Does To Your Body? – Benefits of Running Every day!


Running is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your health in check. It is a great exercise for people who want to lose weight or just want to maintain a healthy weight. People who do not want to spend thousands of money on gym, they should definitely know the benefits of running daily.

The reason it is good to know the running health benefits when you know the benefits of jogging or the benefits of running daily this gives you more encouragement to stay discipline when you feel like quitting. If you get bored while doing other exercises you can surely practise jogging and running, these are aerobics form of exercises. And also go along with your spouse, friends or cousins to add fun and company. 

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with brisk walking, then slowly shifting to jogging, and then finally when you gain the stamina and strength it is best to start running. For people who like to take part in various running programmes, it is advisable to see your doctor for a check-up and then go for such running programs. 

Top 8 Running Health Benefits: 

  1. The first benefit of running daily is that running improves your cardiovascular system.
  2. The second benefit of jogging and running is that it helps to burn calories. 
  3. The third benefit of jogging and running is that it helps to increase the strength of your muscles. 
  4. The fourth benefit of running daily; if you are someone who wants to just maintain a healthy weight, then running and jogging is a really good option. 
  5. The fifth benefit of jogging and running is that it helps to increase the strength of your bones. 

Running and jogging both are good for health, the only difference between these two exercises is that running demand more efforts, more calories and intensity compared to jogging. 

Also, if you do running, this exercise demands more fitness, more work from lungs, heart and muscles, compared to jogging.

The reason these exercises are known as aerobic exercise because these types of exercises produce energy by combining your blood with your body fat or glucose. Also, the meaning of aerobic is ‘with oxygen.’ 

Keep These Things In Mind Before You Start Running or Jogging: 

  • If you are a beginner: Try to start with brisk walking, progress to jogging and then start with running after some time. This might take a few months to get the stamina and prepare your body for running, but this is really helpful for beginners.
  • Add fun while running: It is best to enjoy and understand the purpose of anything you do being joyful is the best state to practise and excel at anything. Therefore, you can add a few other exercises that you like along with running like cycling, team sports with friends and family and swimming. 
  • Learn to manage your time: The best way to get the maximum benefits of running is to make a routine and follow it without missing it. Do not miss your health schedule for any other schedule. Therefore, time management is important.
  • Best for weight loss: If you want to get rid of excess weight and want to get the most out of your workout routine, then remember the benefits of running daily because only if you stick to it, only then you can lose excess fat. Also, make sure you eat healthy food that contains more nutrition and helps you to lose excess fat. 

Tips to remember before you start running or jogging: 

  1. If your age is 40 or above, it is advisable to see your doctor before you join any running program or start running or jogging as a beginner. Especially people who are suffering from any chronic diseases they should see their doctor for once. 
  2. Also, if you have any injuries in your legs, it is better to avoid running or jogging. 
  3. Always start with warm-ups like stretching and then running or jogging. 
  4. Try to do brisk walking for 30 minutes in the initial stage before you start running or jogging and then go further with your exercise. 
  5. Keep a water bottle with you because there are high chances of feeling dehydrated during running for try to drink plenty of water after and before you do running.
  6. Also, if you are running for long distances, it is better to take one or two day’s rest every week. 
  7. Try to avoid surfaces that are sandy, uneven, and hard. It is better to select places that are green and surfaces that are flat. This gives you a fresh environment and prevents injuries as well. 
  8. Avoid crowded routes and area that are crowded because this takes more time to complete the distance and therefore it is better to go for running and jogging early in the morning 15 to 20 minutes before the sunrise.
  9. Avoid late morning because at this time the air pollution starts increasing due to the increase in transportation and inhaling polluted air while running or jogging is not good for you.
  10. Do not wear uncomfortable clothes and try to wear clothes that are comfortable like cotton clothes. Try to buy clothes (if you don’t have it) that are 100% cotton because such clothes help your body to breathe and also soak sweat that your body produces while running and jogging.
  11. If you are running in the early morning when the sunlight is not harsh at all, that is the time to let the sunlight boost you with vitamin-D. But if you think that the sun is too harsh for your skin, then you should always wear sunscreen, especially the exposed areas.
  12. Wear shoes that comfortable for running (with shock-absorbing material), even better if you wear sports or running shoes. Try to avoid wearing sneakers or shoes that are loosely fitted because that may lead to injuries while jogging and running.
  13. Also, wear socks while buying new sports or running shoes because you are more likely to wear socks while physical activities.

Do Not Forget These Safety & Health Tips While Running And Jogging:

  1. Do not forget your phone at home and always take your phone with you, if you want to avoid social media then you have the entire day.
  2. If you enjoy listening to music while running, always select areas that are not crowded. Make sure the sound of the music is not too loud. If possible, avoid listening to music while running.
  3. Do not depend on jogging and running because you need to have healthy, nutritious food and drink a reasonable amount of water.
  4. Do not eat just before running or jogging.
  5. Summer season is coming and therefore if you think that the weather is too hot for running or jogging, then avoid going out that day.
  6. Try to wear some reflective material, if you go running too early in the morning or if you go running in the evening time.
  7. Send your live location to someone you can trust during the emergency period. Also, do not change your running or jogging route because it is easy to track and find you in case of emergencies.
  8. Do not select areas that are not safe and isolated.
  9. If you get an injury while running, do not start running, simply walk or call someone for help. If in case the injury is severe and really painful, go to the doctor.

We hope that now, when you are well aware, about the important things you need to keep in mind before you start running or jogging. Also, there are a few steps and tips that can be helpful for people who are already running for a long time.

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