Is It Really Bad To Have Fruits After Sunset?


Fruits are the best way to eat raw foods with all the essential nutrients because you do not have to cook them or saute them. 

Having fruits in their raw form is the best way to have fruits, and it is better to make juices because then you lose essential fibre and other nutrients. 

Even if you eat two servings of fresh seasonal fruits every day, this can keep you healthy for an entire day. Many people do not consume one fruit in a week or a month. Fruits are mainly ignored by people on their day-to-day diet, which is not a healthy way of living. Having foods that are cooked and mostly overcooked does not provide all the essential nutrients you need and therefore you should add foods in their raw form. 

If you want to nourish your system with nutrient-dense foods, having fruits filled with vitamins and minerals is great for your health. Fruits also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

But, even if you consume healthy foods at the wrong time, you may not get all the benefits. According to Ayurveda, if you want to get maximum benefits from fruits, it is ideal to have fruits before sunsets. The reason it is advisable to have your meals on time, that it also increases the nutrients absorption capacity of your system and therefore it is advisable to have fruits before dawn to get maximum benefits. 

Why is it advisable to have Fruits Before Sunset? 

According to the ancient Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, if you have fruits after sunset, this can disturb your sleep timing and your digestion process. 

Most fruits are simple cards and that means our digestive system can easily digest fruits, therefore usually people have them during their fasts.

Fruits are great to have instant energy and that means when you have fruits, your system goes through a blood sugar spike, which means if you have fruits before your bedtime, this can disrupt your sleep. 

The reason it is advisable to have fruits during breakfast time or first thing in the morning is that they provide you with the much-needed energy need to kick start your day. 

You also need to understand that after the sunset your metabolism slows down, and it is difficult to digest carbs and you should reduce the intake of carbs after sunset. 

Experts say that the best time to have fruits is to have them in the morning on an empty stomach to kick start your metabolism. When you have nothing for a long time, it is even better for your system to absorb the nutrients in the fruits and even other healthy foods. 

Hence, having fruits and other healthy foods in the morning time is the best way to boost your system with essential nutrients. It is better to at least maintain a gap of two to three hours before or after a meal before you consume any fruits. Fruits are simple carbs and the best way to consume fruits is on an empty stomach, especially in the morning time, or you can have fruits before or after a workout session. Remember, healthy fats, low complex carbs and proteins are best to consume before sunset. 

No need to mix fruits:

It is best to have fruits in their raw form of mixing or pairing with other things, like vegetables or dairy. Having fruits with dairy or vegetables may cause indigestion, low absorption of nutrients and formation of toxins in the body.

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