5 Best Ways To Improve Your Hemoglobin!


If you are suffering from low hemoglobin levels, this information can be helpful for you because today we will share the five best ways to improve your hemoglobin levels. 

The way to prevent or improve your low hemoglobin levels is to add foods that are rich in vitamin C and protein.

Mainly in women, low hemoglobin levels are common that can lead to excessive exhaustion, weakness, lack of nutrition and other health problems. 

When the hemoglobin levels are low, this affects the oxygen supply to cells and all over the body. Your lungs purify the oxygen you inhale and then it passes into the bloodstream and further gets transferred to cells in the entire body. 

Lack of oxygen can cause the dysfunctionality of your organs and your system to become weak.

But, do not worry, there are some effective ways to improve your hemoglobin levels or to prevent problems like anaemia. 

Signs to Detect Low Hemoglobin Levels:

1.      If you are facing hair fall problems. 

2.      If your skin is becoming dull. 

3.      If your skin is becoming acne-prone. 

4.      If your hair is becoming frizzy and your hair quality is deteriorating. 

5.      If it is becoming hard to handle your mood swings. 

6.      Breathlessness and exhaustion over simple activities. 

7.      If you experience nausea. 

8.      If you experience headaches more often. 

9.      If you experience heavy bleeding or no bleeding during your periods. 

Five ways to Improve Hemoglobin Levels:

Mostly you hear about having iron-rich foods to improve hemoglobin, but only iron is not sufficient. You need to include foods like vitamin C, protein and vitamins B12 and various other essential nutrients to improve your hemoglobin levels. 

1. Long gaps between your meals:

Try to fix a time for all the three important meals. Having meals on time is the best way to discipline yourself for your health. Avoid smoking or having tea during or around the meal hours. 

 2. Avoid the consumption of laxatives:

Laxatives are not good for good bacteria because when you consume laxatives, they clean the intestines that also include good bacteria. This reduces the hemoglobin levels that cause lower oxygen supply that further slows down the fat-burning metabolism. 

3. Soaked pulses and sprouts are great:

If you soak pulses or sprouts overnight, this increases the nutritional value. Also, pulses and sprouts are rich in minerals, protein and other essential nutrients.

4. Superfood amla:

Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C that is an essential vitamin to improve hemoglobin levels. It is better to have amla pickles or fruits instead of those packed amla juices and pills. 

5. Seasonal vegetables are best:

You do not have to buy spinach in its offseason. It is better to have seasonal vegetables and fruits that are easily available and fresh. You will get the desired results from seasonal vegetables and fruits as well. 

So, now you know simple but effective ways to improve your hemoglobin levels. If you or anyone else is suffering from low hemoglobin levels, it is advisable to share this information with them.

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