Every Female Should Know About These Essential Nutrients!


How many of you never tried a stupid, unnecessary, short-term benefits diet to look better? If you are raising your hands, you need a bow down. 

Many females think that consuming less food, not having the required amount of nutrients, and only eating foods that help in weight loss is the best way to stay fit. 

But, being fit does not mean making your body weak, you have to consume foods that are good for your system. 

To understand what is good for your system, you need to see what types of food are for your overall energy level. Foods that do not make you feel bloated cause constipation, light on the stomach, and foods that are rich in essential nutrients. 

Do not skip your meals or follow just one type of food to reduce excess weight. Even some nutrition experts say that their clients try to skip meals and eat less than the required amount that leads to a lack of essential nutrients. This not only makes your body weak but leads to disturbed sleep cycles, hamper hormones, metabolism, and bone health.

You should also understand that as a female your nutrition requirement differs from the men and therefore if you think whatever men eat is going to benefit you in the same way, you are wrong. The nutrients requirements for a female and a man can be different because of the hormones they produce.  

Women go through various hormonal changes and what can be really helpful during such changes is food. You can change a lot about your health just by changing your food choices. At the time of adolescence, you need food that helps and supports your growth and physical changes. During the time of puberty, females need extra iron, minerals and vitamins to deal with the menstrual cycle.

Then, comes pregnancy, this is the time when a woman goes through various hormonal changes, mood swings and therefore she needs foods that are not only satisfying for her taste buds but also rich in nutrition.

Essential Nutrients for Every Female:

1. Iron:

In India, females are highly deficient in iron, which is one of the most essential nutrients that helps to support growth, helps to produce certain hormones and provide oxygen in the different tissues and parts of your body. Iron deficiency is known as anaemia, which occurs when your body does not have sufficient blood cells. It is essential to have foods like meat, vegetables, fish, nuts, jaggery, figs to prevent iron deficiency. It is essential for females who are pregnant or going through their menstrual days to eat a well-balanced iron-rich diet to fulfil the nutrient they lose from the blood loss.

2. Calcium:

Calcium is essential for both men and women to prevent bone loss or bone density before you turn 35. Having foods that are rich in calcium helps to prevent health problems like osteoporosis. Therefore, it is essential to add foods that are calcium-rich like curd, yoghurt, leafy green vegetables, fish, soya beans, paneer, fresh cheese, and milk.  

3. Folic Acid:

This is another essential nutrient that is found in various foods like spinach, beans, peas, and eggs. Folate is an essential nutrient that helps to stimulate red blood cells formation and the production of chemical signals in the nervous system. It is an essential nutrient for pregnant women because these nutrients prevent pregnant women from neural tube defects in a newborn. 

4. Vitamin D:

Most people become deficient in vitamin D because of various reasons like lack of sun exposure, and lack of vitamin D rich foods. Vitamin D is important for immunity building, reducing inflammation and promoting cell growth. As per a study, around 84% of pregnant women and 70% to 90% of adults are deficient in vitamin D. Therefore, consume foods that are rich in vitamin D like egg yolk, mushrooms, and fishes like tuna and hilsa. 

It is really important to understand the benefits of having well-balanced nutrient-dense meals. Some people think that if they had calcium-rich meals, they ignore other essential nutrients and therefore, making a balance of what you eat and fulfilling your daily nutrient requirements is necessary to live a healthy life. Also, foods play a vital role in your mental health as well. You might have six-pack abs, but you don’t feel happy or healthy. Will you consider this to be healthy? Therefore, when we talk about health, we also include mental health and how joyful you are.

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