Top 5 Ways to Control Diabetes Naturally!

Diabetes sugar control

People who are suffering from diabetes, for them it is important to keep a check on their diet and to control diabetes naturally.

Because once their diabetes increases, they might get dependent upon their insulin. 

Insulin is an injection which is used to inject a diabetes patient daily, to “control diabetes naturally“. And once, a person is on insulin, no other medicine works. It makes you dependent on some injection daily. 

How does Insulin Work? 

  • It is a hormone made by our pancreas. 
  • This hormone helps your body to store or use sugar (glucose) from the food (carbohydrates) you eat to get energy. 
  • This is how it helps to maintain your sugar level and control it to not get too low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia). 

Why your Sugar Level Increases?

When your pancreas does not produce an adequate amount of insulin or the cells in our body, do not respond to the insulin which stores the sugar or breakdown the sugar (glucose) from the food we eat to get energy.

Therefore, it is described as a group of metabolic diseases which result in high blood sugar level.  

Types of Diabetes & How To Control Diabetes:

Type-1 diabetes 

  • This type may develop at any age from childhood to adolescent, or maybe after that.  
  • In this diabetes, your body does not produce insulin, or it is inadequate as per the normal level. 

Type- 2 diabetes

  • It is a type which develops because of the inability of our cells to respond to insulin produced by our body. 
  • This type-2 is one of the most popular health issues all over the world, 90% of people suffer from this type-2 diabetes. 

However, there is type-3 diabetes which happens to the women during their pregnancy period. It is known as gestational diabetes. Now, the next question that occurs here is how to control diabetes naturally? And what are some of the “best natural ways to control diabetes“.

Some Natural Ways to Control Diabetes:

A lot of people often look for natural ways to control diabetes, and therefore we are sharing some of the best ways to manage diabetes naturally.

1. Copper Charged Water: 

Copper water can help to control sugar, it is one of the most popular remedy to control sugar level because of its health benefits. 

  • If you drink copper water daily, it will help you control diabetes symptoms.
  • You can also put some water in a copper vessel overnight, and drink this water the next day in the morning, it is beneficial. 
  • When water is soaked in a copper vessel overnight, that water is copper charged by the pure tiny copper particles.  

2. Healthy Food:

  • Keep a check on how many cards you take in a day because these carbs are further broken into glucose (sugar) which dissolve in your blood and increase your blood sugar level. 
  • Consuming fibre rich food substances or soluble dietary fibre can also help you get rid of high-sugar level. 

3. Drink Adequate Water:

  • If you drink an adequate amount of water daily, this will help you improve your blood sugar level. 
  • When you drink your water it re-hydrates, you’re your blood, which helps to decrease the blood sugar level in your body and also lower the risk of developing diabetes.

4. Exercise Regularly to manage stress:

Exercise not only help to reduce stress but also helps to control diabetes naturally. It is scientifically proven that, when a person does regular exercise, yoga, or any physical activity, that not only improve your overall well-being but also helps to maintain your stress levels. 

It is important to maintain your stress level because it has a bad effect on your health (obviously! It’s stress! What else do you expect?) like when we stress out our body releases cortisol and glucagon hormones and these hormones level up our blood sugar level. 

5. Foods rich in fiber:

Fiber rich foods can be really helpful to manage diabetes naturally because fiber slows down the process of sugar absorption and carb digestion. This helps to slowly raise the blood sugar level in your system.  

Also, what types of fiber you eat also pay a role like soluble fiber or insoluble fiber. Though, both types of fiber are important but soluble fiber has been shown to lower blood sugar levels compared to the insoluble fiber. Foods that are high in fiber are: legumes, vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

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