Do Not Consume These 6 Foods an Empty Stomach!

Do not Consume

Everyone love eating, who does not? But not every one of you knows what you should not eat especially when your stomach is empty. 

Eating right is important and understanding what is good for your system provide benefits of overall of health but not knowing what the food you should not eat when you are an empty stomach is also important. 

As Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is the highest form of health,” but in order to achieve health, you also need to keep a check on what you eat, because at last whatever we eat becomes a part of us. So, what do you think? Eating healthy shouldn’t be important? 

You Need To Avoid These 6 Foods When Your Stomach Is Empty:

1. Tomatoes

  • Tangy tomatoes are boosted with various beneficial nutrients, including a high amount of tannic acid and Vitamin C. 
  • These nutrients increase acidity in the stomach, and it may lead to gastric ulcers. 
  • Therefore, you must save tomatoes for salad purpose while having your meal; not an empty stomach. 

2. Yogurt

  • Then, comes next to this list which is yogurt, no doubt yogurt has many health benefits but you must know that eating yogurt an empty stomach.
  • Yogurt has lactic acid bacteria, and when you eat yogurt, an empty stomach these bacteria found in it are ineffective because of the high acidity of stomach acid.
  • And that is why, when you consume yogurt on an empty stomach, you only get a few health benefits.

3. Sugar

  • You must know that sugar is one of the most processed food substance, like a high fructose corn syrup. 
  • These types of sweeteners have the same ill effect on your liver, which is similar to the ill effect that happens after drinking alcohol.
  • When you consume sugar, an empty stomach (copious amount of fructose) unlike the natural sugar which is found in fruits counteracted by its fiber, can overload your liver and it may also lead to liver damage.

4. Bananas

  • Eating a banana on an empty stomach is one of the prime examples of not eating certain food when your stomach is empty. 
  • No doubt that banana helps to relieve constipation and it is also known as a superfood by some experts. 
  • But, banana has a high amount of potassium and magnesium and eating a banana an empty stomach can lead to an imbalance of potassium and magnesium in your blood. 

5. Tea and Coffee

  • If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, this will lead to an increase in acidity. 
  • Coffee on an empty stomach may also lead to indigestion and heartburn throughout the day. 
  • Where on another side, drinking tea when your stomach is empty can reduce bile, suppress the secretion of gastric juices and acid in your stomach (aid in overall digestion of foods)
  • Therefore, one should not consume tea or coffee an empty stomach so that the process of secreting excess cholesterol from the body, do not get disturbed. 

6. Alcohol

  • When you drink alcohol, an empty stomach it travels straight to your bloodstream. 
  • And, when this happens, this widens our blood vessels, and also leads to a temporary feeling of warmth, decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate temporarily. 
  • You can reduce the damage if you consume alcohol after having a meal or after consuming foods with high water content. 
  • This will also help to slow down the effect and reduce the rate in which alcohol travels through the bloodstream.  

When you live a healthy lifestyle, this helps you to prevent various chronic diseases. Not only this, but you also feel healthy inside out, you feel good about your overall health and stay positive which also boost your mental health. 

You can only take care of others when you are healthy and happy. So, focus on improving your health, nobody, but only you can bring the changes that you want to see in your health. 

A fit and healthy body are made by following a mix balance of regular exercise, mindfulness, quality sleep, and a healthy lifestyle.  

In order to live a healthy life, one of the best ways is to have an active lifestyle. People think that when you are young, they can take their health for granted but if we think for long-term, instead of short-term, whatever lifestyle, good or bad, you are following will leave an impact on your health today or after a while. 

Also, when you age maintaining your health become even more important, but if you follow a healthy regime from the beginning, you will be much more fit and healthy than other people of your age. 

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