Depression Symptoms, Cause and Warning Signs

Depression Symptoms

To make it easier for you, to understand what is today’s topic, we will discuss one of the most prevalent causes of depression, depression symptoms to understand this in an early stage, and also what is depression and how to detect the difference between normal stress and depression.

These aspects are important for people who are ignorant or do not know about depression. The reason it is important to understand what is depression and the symptoms and causes of depression is to increase the needed information amongst masses because there are people who want to get rid of depression or want to help others to come out of their depression but do not know what to do.

It is really good that you are happy and people to whom you love are happy, but it is also important to understand that life will through challenges on you this is what life is all about. And you must be prepared to face all the stages in your life. You grow when you are prepared for the best.

So, before we discuss the causes of depression and the symptoms of depression, we must understand what is depression?

What is Depression?

In simple words, depression is a mood-related disorder, when a person feels the loss, sad, and angry every day while doing his/her day-to-day activities that may lead to depression. 

The effects of Depression is not limited to the person only, when you cannot deal with your emotional state this can affect their relationships, their day-to-day activities, their productivity, and may also lead to some chronic health problems.  

Some health issues can become worse, especially if you are going through a depression phase, the reason you need to know that it is just a phase because you have the power to overcome depression.

1. Arthritis

2. Obesity

3. Asthma

4. Cancer

5. Diabetes

6. Cardiovascular disease

Though this is normal to feel down or sad sometime but, if the same is happening every day, and becoming a part of your life, if you are feeling like this regularly there are major chances that you are going through depression problem.

The reason it is important to get proper treatment for depression problem because this is a serious medical condition and if it is not treated on time, this can get worse. People who go for treatments seem to overcome depression symptoms within a few weeks.

Symptoms of depression: Male, Females, and Children

1. Depression is not a temporary sadness it is more like a constant feeling, you feel sad, stressed every day.

2.       Depression symptoms can affect your body, your mood, and these depression symptoms may come and go.

3. The depression symptoms can be different among children, men and women.

4.       If we talk about men, their depression symptoms can be related to their aggressiveness, anxiousness, mood, irritability and restlessness.

5.       In depression the person might also go through feelings like hopelessness, emptiness, and sadness.

6.       Depression symptoms like not finding pleasure in their favorite activities, loss of interest, feeling exhausted or tired easily, excessive drinking, suicidal thoughts, consuming drugs, and involving in highly risky activities.

7. Lack of sexual desire, sexual interest and sexual activities or performance.

8. People who are suffering from depression might feel difficult to complete their tasks, reduces cognitive abilities, delayed response during a conversation, and finding it difficult to focus.

9. Not able to sleep properly, restless sleep, not sleeping or sleeping too much, insomnia is common in depression symptom.

10. The person might suffer from digestion problems, fatigue, headaches and pains.

11.   Now, if we talk about females, their depression symptoms include irritability, mood swings, hopelessness, emptiness and anxiousness.

12. Even females find it difficult to involve in their favorite activities, suicidal thoughts, running from social engagements.

13. Reduced cognitive abilities like talking and thinking slowly.

14. Lack of sleep, waking up early, difficult to sleep at night, sleeping too less or sleeping too much.

15. Female with depression problem face problems like changes in appetite, headaches, low energy, increased cramps, pain, weight changes and aches.

16.   Now, when it comes to children who are suffering from depression, you might notice symptoms like crying, mood swings, anger, and irritation.

17. Children might feel incompetent, intense sadness, despair, and crying.

18. Children may refuse to go to school, they may try to involve in fights and avoid their sibling and friends, suicidal thoughts are also common.

19. Children may find it difficult to sleep, they might sleep too much, or too less, poor/ declining grades and performance in school, finding it difficult to concentrate, and changes in the sleep pattern.

20. Children may feel low in energy or exhausted, weight loss and gain are common, digestion problem and change in their appetite are also common.  

Common Depression Causes:

1.       If there is any family history of depression, then the chances of developing depression become high.

2.       If a person has faced some early childhood trauma, this might also lead to some events that can be stressful and fearful for you.

3.       If the frontal lobe of one’s brain is less active, the risk of developing depression becomes high. Though, it is not clear that this happens after or before the onset of depressive symptoms.

4.       There some health conditions that may lead to depression-like chronic pain, chronic illness, or ADHA – attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

5.       If there is a history related to alcohol or drug usage that may also lead to depression problem.

If you do not get the proper treatment for depression, these depression symptoms may become long-term issues than a temporary issue.

Depression treatments are helpful to get rid of depression symptoms as soon as possible, but the right amount of therapy and medicines both are important because only medicines might not work in every case.

It is important to look for other treatments if one treatment does not work. Do not wait for a fairy god to take you out of this problem you are the one who can do this.

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