Change Your Lifestyle Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

According to a report, 20% of the young population between the age group of 16 to 34 years went through treatment for back or spine problems.  

And, the capital of the country Delhi itself has the highest percentage of people who are suffering from back pain problems, around 25% of people are in such condition; Bengaluru with 23% cases.  

Four Cities With the Highest Percentage of Spinal Problems

The age group that is affected by spine or back problems lies between 35-54 years. 

1. Delhi – 43%

2. Bengaluru – 46%

3. Mumbai – 41%

4. Pune – 38%

According to the report, nearly 45% of people with back pain, lower back pain, spinal injury or slipped disc, neglect their back conditions for more than 7 weeks.

When this happens, the chances of getting severe back pain or spinal problem also increases. Such ignorance also increases the risk of surgery.   

When nearly 45% of people in India ignore their back pain or spinal problem for more than 7 weeks, the treatment for back pain becomes more complex because early-stage treatment is always easy to treat. 

Four cities based on their negligence to back pain or spinal problems are:

1. Pune – 53%

2. New Delhi – 49%

3. Bangalore – 46%

4. Mumbai – 40% 

Highlights of the QI Spine Report

  1. Nearly 45% of people ignore their back pain symptoms for more than 7 weeks and do not go for back pain treatment.
  2. Compared to men which are 54%, only 46% of women, go through treatment for back pain or any type of back-related problem.
  3. There are 73% of people who do not recover even after spine rehabilitation, go for other treatments for their back problems.
  4. One of the most common problems that people face related to back pain problem is herniated disc or slipped disc. And, nearly 62% of people do not go for surgery.

Mostly it is not easy to detect the actual cause of lower back pain problem or spinal injury and that is why medical experts tend to ask you about your medical history related any back injury, your day to day activities, your lifestyles and other relevant things.

Lower back pain is not a diagnosis, instead it a symptom of a back problem. And by asking the above-mentioned queries, a medical expert can start with the best treatment for back pain, slipped disc, sciatica, lower back pain or any spinal problem.

Some Tips To Prevent Lower Back Pain Problem:

1. Try to eat as much is relevant do not overeat and eat healthy nutritious food. 

2. Try to indulge in regular physical activities like yoga, sports, dance or any sort of intense workout session. This will help to strengthen your overall muscles and bones.

3. Try to avoid sitting for long hours.

4. Try to maintain a good/correct posture while sitting, standing or even walking. 

5. Use correct techniques to lift heavy weights, and try to lift it with your legs instead of back. 

6. Try to avoid sudden bending, lifting and twisting, also do not forget to do warm before doing exercise, dance or if you are going to play sports. 

7. If you smoke, quit smoking. 

8. Sound sleep and enough rest are important. 

9. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, do not hesitate; consult an expert to overcome your problem. 

10. Use 100% natural herbal medicines for back pain problem instead of using strong medicines which cause side-effects. 

Note: Consult your health care professional for guidance before following the above steps for lower back pain problem.

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