How a Blood Sugar Chart Helps to Identify The Normal Blood Sugar Level Ranges?

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Do you know the normal blood sugar levels? Yes, that is the question that many of us might not know. There are people who are suffering from diabetes, are unaware of the normal blood sugar levels. 

So, How to know the Normal Blood Sugar Level Ranges? 

If you are diabetic and you really want to cure this problem, you should keep a blood sugar chart along with you. 

With the help of this chart, you can check and then manage your blood sugar levels before and after having your meals. 

This blood sugar level chart will also help you identify your normal blood sugar level, and further help you identify meals that are helping you recover. 

If we talk about doctors, they use these charts to monitor your diabetes problem and also provide you with the best viable treatment. 

However, your blood sugar level depends on the monitoring timing. It can differ based on your meal timing. 

With the help of a few charts, you can understand the normal blood sugar levels. And how can you maintain a normal blood sugar level? 

The doctors use this chart to make you understand the situation in a much better way and also prepare an individual blood sugar level plan to improve the recovery process. Therefore, blood sugar charts play a vital role to monitor your recovery process. 

If you follow the right treatment and diet plan, you can really beat diabetes and maintain a normal blood sugar level.  

The majority of the diabetes treatment involves close monitoring by the patient at home and also involves frequent testing, as suggested by the doctor. 

How to Monitor Blood Sugar Level for People With or Without Diabetes?

Time of checkTarget blood sugar levels for people without diabetesTarget blood sugar levels for people with diabetes
Before mealsLess than 100mg/dl80-130 mg/dl
1-2 hours after the start of a mealLess than 140mg/dlLess than 180 mg/dl
Over a 3-month time, with an A1C test can measureLess than 5.7%Less than 7%Less than 180 mg/dl

Factors That Can Vary Your Blood Sugar Levels:

1.   The blood sugar ranges from person to person and it also changes throughout the day even before and after having a meal.

2.   The blood sugar rages highest after meals hours and it is lowest in the morning time before you have your breakfast.

3.   If you have diabetes problem then your blood sugar level can ranges beyond the normal blood sugar level compared to the other people without blood sugar level problem.

Other factor that varies the blood sugar levels are:

1.   Your life expectancy and your age.

2.   From how long you are suffering from diabetes.

3.   If you are suffering from other health problems.

4.   If you are suffering from any cardiovascular disease.

5.   If you are facing any problem in your small arteries.

6.   If you are following a bad, sedentary lifestyle.

7.   Even your personal habits can vary your blood sugar level.

8.   Stress and other illnesses.

Also, in the following chart you will understand that what is the best time to check your blood sugar level if you are fasting.

Time of checkBlood sugar level
Fasting or before breakfast60-90  mg/dl
Before meal60-90 mg/dl
1 hour after meal100-120 mg/dl

People With High & Low Blood Sugar Level Should Follow These Actions:

Fasting blood sugar levelRisk level and suggested action
50 mg/dl or underDangerously low: Seek medical attention
70–90 mg/dl  Possibly too low: Consume sugar upon experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar, or seek medical attention
90–120 mg/dlNormal range
120–160 mg/dl Medium: Seek medical attention
160–240 mg/dl Too high: Work to bring down blood sugar levels
240–300 mg/dl  Much too high: This could be a sign of ineffective glucose management, so see a doctor
300 mg/dl or above    Very high: Seek immediate medical attention

If you think you cannot recover from diabetes, then it is best to leave it on discipline and then see the results. Also, there are a few ways that can be really helpful to maintain the blood sugar level-so that it does not become too high.

Way to Lower Blood Sugar Level: 

  1. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates and if possible do not fast. 
  2. Also, you need to increase the water intake so that the blood sugar dilute and your body remains hydrated. 
  3. You should also walk after having your meal to burn excess blood sugar and have more fibre rich foods. 

Note: These methods are just to prevent and reduce high blood sugar levels. You do not need to stop the medications or the treatment that is already going on. It is best to consult

Also, use monitoring devices after consulting with your doctor so that you use the best devices that give you accurate ratings. 

If you want to avoid the complications related to diabetes, it is best to monitor your blood sugar levels with the help of foods, exercises and medications. Also, it is best to monitor your blood sugar level daily so that you can keep your blood sugar level in a normal range. 

Consult your doctor and if possible monitor your foods intake that is helping you to normalise your blood sugar level and discuss it with the doctor to boost the recovery rate. 

The last thing is to always consult your doctor as soon as possible if your blood sugar level increases or decreases. Do not wait for a home remedy or tips that you should do daily, but in case the blood sugar level increases or decreases too much, then it is best to seek medical help.

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