5 Amazing Benefits of Guava In Winters

benefits of Guava

Even wondered why your grandparents were so fit and healthy even in their old age? That is because they were far more close to nature. They knew what to eat in what season and what not to eat on certain days. They knew what food combinations are great for their body and what food combinations can harm them. 

It is not like that you are less educated in terms of your body, but when a healthy way of living becomes your way of living, you naturally adapt to some healthy food habits and some lifestyle habits. 

One of the best things that your grandparents followed their entire life is to eat as per the season, as the consumption of seasonal flour, fruits and vegetables are what they had their entire life. 

Also, they didn’t rely on junk food and packaged foods like today’s generation. Therefore, today we will discuss a fruit that is at its peak during winters. As we know, winters are going on and guava is in demand. 

Guava is grown throughout the year except for May and June. However, the peak seasons are November, December in winters, and August during the rainy season in the northern parts of India. You can say that guava is a tropical fruit that is easily grown and available in India. 

Guava is not only known for its unique flavour and smell, but it is excellent for your health. Guava is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

5 Health Benefits of Eating Guava:

1 . Good for immunity:

Guava has more vitamin C than oranges and vitamin C is good for your immunity. Not only this, but it also helps to improve your skin.

2. Reduce the risk of cancer:

Guava and Guava leaves are rich in powerful antioxidants known as lycopene that further help to prevent cancer.

3. Good for diabetic people:

There is nothing wrong with having fruits even if you are diabetic until you know where to stop. However, it is better to have foods that have a low glycemic index and Guava has a low glycemic index, which means it is good to manage diabetes. Also, guava is an excel source fiber that also helps to manage your sugar levels.

4. Good for your heart:

Guava also help to improve the potassium and sodium level in the body and also maintain balance in the body. This helps to regulate the blood pressure level in the body. Guava also helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels, which is good for your liver health.

5. Reduce stress level:

Guava is rich in magnesium that helps to reduce your stress level and your mind feel relaxed. 

You can also have fruits after or before your workouts because this will provide you with enough energy to be able to exercise properly. Also, if you feel a little tired or feel like having something in between meals, having a seasonal fruit like guava is a great option. 

So, the next time you go to the market, you should buy guava and start consuming this amazing fruit to get the health benefits. Most of the people do not consume fruits at all. There are people who may not have a single fruit for weeks and days. 

But, fruits are really important for you because, in the world of processed and packed food, fruits are the only things you get to eat in their raw form that provide you with all the nutrients. 

Having one fruit daily can improve your health in a tremendous way because this will improve your digestion and provide you with some essential nutrients. So, if there are children at your home, it is your time to explain to them the benefits and make sure they are having fruits. Also, there are so many teenagers and adults who hardly consume fruits, which is not at all good for their health. 

The amount of raw fruits that we do not have to cook and we can eat in their raw form provides the maximum amount of nutrients. So, make sure all the members of the family are consuming fruits, especially seasonal fruits, and if not any, fruits will work.

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