Coconut Water Is The Best Drink For Summers? – 5 Benefits of Coconut Water


Most people drink various types of drinks from outside like cold drinks (carbonated drinks), packed juices and shakes. These shakes and packed juices contain so much sugar that it is nothing compared to raw fruits and shakes you prepare at home.

However, there is one more drink that you can have during summers and it’s amazing for your health and that is coconut water. Yes, coconut water is a refreshing drink to have during summers. Coconut water is filled with essential minerals and nutrients that are good for your health. Today, we will discuss some of the amazing benefits of coconut water.

Having one cup (240 ml) of coconut water you can get 46 calories including other nutrients: 

Sodium11% of the RDI
Fiber3 grams
Potassium17% of the RDI
Protein2 grams
Manganese17% of the RDI
Carbs9 grams
Vitamin C10% of the RDI
Magnesium15% of the RDI
Calcium6% of the RDI

5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water:

1. Good for diabetic people:

As per the research, people who are suffering from high blood sugar level can improve their health with the consumption of coconut water. Diabetic people should definitely add this to their diet. Coconut water is rich in fibre and magnesium. Magnesium in coconut water helps to decrease blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. 

2. Stay hydrated:

If you are someone who is looking for a healthy and hydrating drink during summer, then coconut water is one of the best drinks. The nutty sweet flavour of coconut water is not only low in calories but also hydrating during summers. It is best to have fresh coconut water instead of storing it, but in case you want to store coconut water, keep it in the refrigerator and consume it within a week. 

Do not buy those bottled coconut water that has added sugar in it. Instead, drink coconut water from those small vendors. 

3. Fulk of nutrients:

Coconuts are collected from palm trees that are also called cocos Nucifera. Also, many people might not know this, but botanically, coconut is a fruit instead of a nut. Green fresh coconut water is a boost of nourishment with minerals, Vitamin C, and many other essential nutrients in it. When the coconut is not ripe, you get around 94% fresh coconut water. It is a good drink for people who want to lose excess fat because besides the nutrition value coconut water has too little fat. 

4. Get rid of kidney stones:

If you are suffering from kidney stones or you had this problem in the past, you will be aware that you need to increase the consumption of fluid in this problem. And here comes the coconut water in the picture because coconut water prevents the crystals (made of oxalate, calcium and other compounds) from sticking together that further become a problem in your urinary tract. Consuming coconut water can be helpful to reduce the formation of these crystals in the urinary tract. However, to say this strongly that coconut water really works in kidney stone condition, more studies are needed. 

5. Get rid of high blood pressure:

As we mentioned earlier, coconut is rich in magnesium and magnesium is helpful to lower the blood pressure level. Also, as per a small study, people who had coconut water 71% of people with high blood pressure problem seem improved changes in systolic blood pressure. 

People who are active in sports also consume coconut water as energy and refreshing drinks. Always buy fresh coconut water from street vendors, and even if you are buying a bottle of coconut water, check the ingredients first. If the ingredients say added flavours, sugar or sweeteners then there is no need to have such coconut water. 

Coconut water not only provides various health benefits, but it is one of the best drinks for summer. And, instead of having shakes from outside, that have little fibre and excess sugar, it is better to go for refreshing, nourishing coconut water.

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