These Vitamin C Rich Foods Have More Vitamin–C Than Oranges!


These days people are having more vitamin-c to improve their immunity system, and to prevent themselves from various infections and health-related problems.

Vitamin-C is an amazing vitamin to build a protective shield against infections and health-related problems.

If you have a problem of catching a cold and flu more often than others that could a sign of weak immunity and therefore it is even more important for you to add vitamin-c rich foods in your diet to improve your immunity and to practise workout every day.

Oranges are not only tasty but they are boosted with vitamin- c, one medium-sized orange can give you 69.77 mg of vitamin-c.

But there are not just oranges, you can go for other foods that have more vitamin-c than oranges. And today, we will discuss some other foods that have more vitamin-c than oranges. So, after this, you will have more food options that are rich in vitamin-c.

Vitamin-C Rich Foods with More Vitamin-C Than Oranges:

1.Chilli Pepper:

As per some research, chilli pepper has a compound called capsaicin, which makes it spicy also helps to get rid of muscle pain and joint pain. If you consume a half cup of chilli pepper, this will give you 107.8 mg of vitamin-c.

2. Broccoli:

This is an amazing vegetable that has many health benefits. But what’s even better is that per serving of broccoli gives you 30 calories along with fibre. Along with fibre you also get 132 mg of vitamin-c.

3. Papaya:

This is an amazing fruit that works wonder for your stomach related problems but also a good source of vitamin-c. If you have one cup of papaya, this will give you 88.3 mg of vitamin-c. This is an amazing fruit for the skin, to treat sinuses and to strengthen your bones.

4. Red Bell Pepper:

This vegetable not only adds colours to your meal but also nourishes you with vitamin-c. A cup of red bell pepper provides 190 mg of vitamin-c. Along with vitamin-C, you also get a good amount of vitamin-A.

5. Kale:

This vegetable is loaded with essential nutrients like vitamin-A, K and C. If you consume one cup of kale this will provide you 80.4 mg of vitamin-C. The benefits of kale not only stop here, having kale also provides good fatty acids and minerals, and all these essential nutrients provide various health benefits.

6. Cauliflower:

This is a delicious vegetable that can boost you with 127.7 mg of vitamin-C, including protein and fibre. You can cook cauliflower in various ways like you can mash it, can steam it and you can even roast this vegetable despite that, you will get 127.7 mg of vitamin-C.

7. Mango:

This delicious fruit is going to come in summer, as we all can experience summers pretty well. This fruit is loved worldwide for its amazing taste. Along with other health benefits, mango has 122.3 mg of vitamin-c in it. It is also a a wonderful source of vitamin-A. Having mango is good for your eyes and skin health.

8. Green Bell Pepper:

However, the green bell pepper has less vitamin-C than the red one, but it’s more than an orange. Having green bell pepper gives you 120 mg of vitamin-c. It is a good food option to get fibre.

9. Kiwi:

It is an excellent fruit when it comes to anti-oxidants. Having a minimum of two kiwis provides 137.2 mg of vitamin-c. Everyone may not like the taste of it, but kiwi has many health benefits like vitamin-c, copper, antioxidants and copper.

10. Strawberries:

Strawberries are good source of vitamin-c. Strawberries provide 84.7 mg of vitamin-C, and you can get this much vitamin-C just by eating a cup full of strawberries.

11. Pineapple:

This crunchy and juicy fruit provides 78.9 mg of vitamin-c. This fruit is also good for digestion, and the anti-inflammatory properties in it help to recover quickly after an exercise regime or workout session.

We hope you have these eleven options in your vitamin-c rich foods options list. It is not just oranges that you can eat; you have so many other options as well. So, if you are planning to stay fit and to improve your immunity, you can add these vitamin-c-rich foods to your meal.

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